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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

National Night Out

Tonight, our local police, firemen and paramedics participated in the National Night Out. I heard about this taking place a couple of weeks ago and knew I wanted to take the kids. They are both fascinated by any vehicle with a siren on the top... especially firetrucks... so I wanted to give them an opportunity to get close up with the vehicles and the people who drive them. We've also been having a lot of talks lately about "stranger danger," and I want to continue to give them a better understanding of who the good people are that will help them if they ever need it.

It was a rushed night of supper to get all of us out the door before the event was over... but we did manage to enjoy our first Iowa sweet corn meal of the summer!

The local event was held in the Target parking lot. As soon as we got there, the policemen filled up our bags with police cards, tattoos, frisbees and silly bands. Then Jaden was able to get his fingerprints taken. Brandon wanted nothing to do with the fingerprinting, but they did send the form home with us so that we could do it ourselves once he allows us to. The fingerprinting form also had a place for a recent photo and a lot of questions about each child to fill out and keep on hand in case we ever have to get the police involved should one or both of the boys happen to go missing. (Heaven forbid!!!!) It's a good thing to have on file so that the police can have all the information they need right away... rather than waste precious time that could be spent finding the kids. With all the scary abduction attempts lately... I don't feel like we can ever be too careful or prepared.

We then got to tour all the different vehicles and talk with the different officers, firemen and paramedic crew. Jaden loved sitting in all the cars, pretending to drive them... and the nice police lady even let him sound the siren a few short times!

Brandon was super hesitant the first time around and was much happier having Daddy hold him while Jaden tried everything.

I had a hard time getting Jaden to look at me for any of the pictures because he was too intrigued by all the bells and whistles all around him.

The fire truck was definitely the favorite... due to the seat being up so high. This was the third vehicle we checked out, and by this time Brandon was finally working up his nerve to get in on the action.

Brandon then decided he wanted to check out the BACK of the police car. I told him this better be the one and only time I ever see him in the back seat of a squad car!

The police lady let them turn the spotlight in different directions and talked to Jaden a lot about calling 911 when he is in need of help.

It was really hot out so when we were all done, we stopped inside Target for a juice and a treat!

It was a fun night watching our kids learn more about the vehicles and people they are always so excited to see on the road... and it was nice to thank all of our emergency workers for all of their hard work. They were all very nice and very interested in talking to the kids.

Well done, CF. :)