"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, August 20, 2012

Preschool Year Two!

This morning, I dropped Jaden off for his second year of preschool. Another year older... another year taller... and just one year away from a full-time school boy.

Has it really been five years since I was battling morning sickness and asking my mom to bring me saltine crackers to work??

Last year, Jaden had a wonderful year at Blessed Beginnings Preschool. He attended two mornings a week... just enough to get his feet wet and learn how this whole "school thing" works.

This year, he will be attending three mornings a week... and enjoying a class size of 20 kids rather than just the 15-16 kids that were allowed to attend the younger class. A bigger class size, more time spent learning... and leaving his sad little brother behind. It was a rough morning. While Jaden was a pro at the whole preschool thing... hardly missing a beat in his three months off... Brandon was distraught beyond any ability of mine to console him. When Jaden grabbed his school bag, Brandon asked me where his school bag was. When we got in the car, Brandon was clinging to me and wimpering that he wanted to go to school, too. When I walked Brandon up to the door at Karen's house, Brandon asked me where "Nanen" was. And when I had to leave Brandon there without his brother with him, he brought out a bottom lip pout and crocodile tears so big that I wanted to scoop him up and keep him with me all day long. He was just so sad. And then I called Cody to describe the scene... and began crying myself. Geez, this mothering thing is a roller coaster ride, huh?! After Cody's repeatedly assuring words of "Brandon will be okay" and a text message from Karen saying that he had calmed down within just a few minutes... it was onward and upward.

Last year I took Jaden out for a special mommy-Jaden breakfast date the morning of his first day. I've since decided that this is a tradition I'd like to keep up with every year for both kids on their first morning of school. I wonder if they'll still want to eat breakfast with their mom when they are able to drive themselves to school??

While I ordered a light breakfast for myself of coffee, eggs and bacon... Jaden went all-out and made all of his choices off the menu like a big kid should. Eggs instead of pancakes. Bacon rather than sausage. Fruit bowl instead of applesauce. Chocolate milk instead of juice.

He ate every last bite. (No surprise there).

When it was time to drop him off at school, he didn't even hesitate and remembered the routine perfectly. Coat and school bag on the hooks. Bathroom stop. Line up at the wall. Wave bye-bye to Mommy.

{tired of "cheesing" at this point. it makes me laugh just looking at it!}

Nothing special to report when I picked him up. He told me they had pretzels for snack, and that they made "roads" in the sand box outside with their trucks.

...and this little guy?? He welcomed me to daycare at 5:00 by throwing up on me in the middle of Karen's living room. Two hours later we were outside, and he was being his happy goofy self.

NEVER a dull moment around here. :)