"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend brought...

...Fall decorating. An hour to myself with Pandora playing, a Starbucks in hand... and all my favorite pieces of seasonal decor. Bring on leggings and sweaters. Hoodies and boots. Soups and hot chocolate. And football. Lots and lots of football.

...this weekend brought spaghetti and garlic bread. Chicken and fresh green beans. And leftovers. Lots of leftovers.

..this weekend brought football. REALLY good football. We are so proud of our Panthers today. And with football came a chicken tortilla casserole, chocolate cheesecake... and some amazing Hot Corn Dip. Cody wants this dip for every Sunday Bucs game now.

{there can't be a better place to watch a football game than in the 'Panther Pit'}

{any guesses on who that little girl is in this 1990 basketball poster??} ;)

...this weekend brought Barnes and Noble and their Halloween books display. I'm not big on promoting spooky, dark and scary to our kids. So we settled for Curious George.

...this weekend brought a break from the norm. Jaden decided he wanted a night to himself with Nana and Papa and ended up staying at their house Saturday night. It was a little strange to know that we could just leave him there without worrying about not having diapers along... or pacifiers... or pajamas. Knowing he could sleep just fine in his undies and Panther shorts. It felt a little too easy, and it was another reminder that our kids are growing up. He had fun. And Brandon slept in until 8:00 on Sunday morning without his brother there to wake him up!

...this weekend brought a new pair of shoes for Brandon and two new pairs of pants for Jaden.

...this weekend brought parks and movies and a new set of Lincoln Logs.


...this weekend brought feeding fish in a backyard pond in Aplington and playtime with cousins.


...this weekend brought a pumpkin spice candle and a Dairy Queen Peppermint Oreo blizzard.

...this weekend brought a new order of Scentsy bars from the just released Fall/Winter 2012 catalog.

...this weekend brought a Labor Day afternoon of sleeping kids, a cup of coffee and a date with my DVR. (And this here blog).

...this weekend brought me back to my happy place. Everything I love most stretches out before me from now until January. My favorite months, my favorite clothes, my favorite food, my favorite activities. So much on the calendar and so much to look forward to. Like re-reading your favorite childhood picture book or that novel you've read three times and know like the back of your hand... this time of year is home to me. Life is good and cozy on Rainbow Drive.