"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Weekend...

We are so busy right now that this blog is kind of taking a backseat. But in an effort to remain current, here is our weekend... in pictures and bullet points:

*a Friday night out on the town - shopping for shoes for Jaden. After about 10 different attempts and 10 different stores, we finally found him a pair of shoes that fit. When all else fails, Super Target does not.

*a stop at Barnes and Noble... or as Brandon refers to it... "The choo-choo bookstore." Our kids love going here to play with the train, and I love it, too. Because while they are playing happily, I get to lose myself in children's books and holiday displays. (Their Christmas books are hitting the shelves already!)

*leaving the bookstore with birthday presents for Tate and an adorable Fall book for us.

*building skyscrapers out of Lego's. Brandon did this almost entirely by himself and still won't let me take it down.

*the UNI Athletics Hall of Fame banquet. My dad is the Master of Ceremonies every year, and this year we got to watch Coach Farley get inducted. Need to get motivated? Go listen to Coach Farley give a speech.

*finding my old Dedric Ward football jersey circa 1996. Pairing it with some black leggings and forcing my kids to take pictures with me before kickoff. The results... (look closely enough and you will see that Brandon is wearing my shoes)...


*practicing our frisbee tosses...

*dropping Brandon off at Aunt Cassi's house to play with cousin Ella while we spent a night in the Dome. Jaden got to go up and sit in the pressbox booth where Daddy and Papa sit during the games... the same booth that my dad has called his own for the last THIRTY-FIVE years. That's a lot of football games.

*a perfect church teaching Sunday morning and our favorite Roasted Garlic Potato soup for lunch. We love this stuff. And we doubled the recipe for more leftovers.

*setting out a couple pieces of Halloween decor. I usually just stick to Fall and Thanksgiving decorating, but thought my kids would enjoy some fun Halloween stuff this year. Sure enough... they got a kick out of the pumpkin that changes colors... and I got a kick out of the $2.00 price tag.

*some play time in our playroom. I tried giving it a good cleaning and spent some time organizing... only to have it destroyed again within 10 minutes.

my little architect in the making...

*a birthday party for one of Jaden's buddies at the movie theater. While he watched Finding Nemo in 3-D, Brandon and I walked through the mall. He flirted with the cute girl at Bath & Body Works, and then we returned home for a three-hour nap. Much needed.

*a Sunday evening trip to the park and a walk home at sunset. One of the nice things about it getting darker earlier is getting to play outside when the sky looks like this...

Wishing time would slow down a little bit. I can't believe it's October already! This week we're tackling flu shots, pull-ups and potty training. Wish us luck!