"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have someone I'd like you all to meet.

We're kind of in love over here.

His name is Jack. He is eight weeks old. And as of noon yesterday... he is ours.

A week and a half ago, Cody came home from work and told me he wanted a cat. I laughed. I shrugged it off and thought he was joking. I have never been a cat person. Cody has never been a cat person. I loved... emphasis on LOVED... my dogs growing up. I always assumed our first family pet would be a lovable sheltie puppy. I would name him LJ - short for "Lucky Jr" - because Lucky was my dog from age eight to age 23. He lived a long and good life in our family, and we miss him dearly to this day. Lucky always had his own presents under the Christmas tree, something special in his very own stocking, and we celebrated his birthday every year on December 19 - two days after mine. He always watched us pull out of our driveway from the front windows and always waited for my dad to get home right around 5:00 every night by standing by the garage door. He was a special one. As an only child, he was important to me. You could say we grew up together, and I'm so happy he was around long enough to meet Jaden as a little baby - that we have pictures of he and Jaden together. We had to say goodbye to Lucky when Jaden was four months old, and there hasn't been another animal in my life since. Nothing could replace Lucky, but until yesterday I'd kind of forgotten how quickly a little animal can capture a special place in your heart.

...I quickly learned that Cody wasn't kidding around about the whole "adopt a cat" thing, and since Jaden has been asking for a pet quite a bit lately, we decided to go for it. We're not ready for the responsibility of a dog - potty training, having to take it outside all the time, etc. I have enough on my hands with trying to potty train my two-year old. We went to the humane society and immediately saw little Jack going potty in the litter box. That was enough of a sell for Cody, and Jack also happened to be the youngest one there. I wanted a young one. One that I could really raise from the beginning. And now that we have him home, I'm completely smitten for my cute little cuddly kitten.

And so are a couple of little boys...

Jack got his name from Jaden. The boys have been into watching Cinderella lately because they think the mice are really funny. The head mouse is named Jack. So when we asked Jaden what he wanted to name the kitty, that's what he said. I wasn't sold on that name myself, but it's stuck in our boys' heads, and so I've given up on fighting that one particular battle.
Jack is adjusting nicely to our home. Right now he is partial to Cody and me, as the boys get a little loud and wild for him, and they tend to just like to carry him around everywhere rather than let him take his many cat-naps. He's eating well, drinking well, and going potty exactly where he needs to go potty! He is such a cuddler and such a lover. We like him a lot. :)
Other than loving on our new little critter, we didn't have anywhere we needed to be or anything we needed to do this weekend. We vegged. A lot. In fact, half the time Brandon didn't even wear any pants. (He has graduated to pull-ups though!)
We made messes with Candyland game pieces and Lincoln Logs.


We spent Saturday night eating chicken tortilla soup and drinking chocolate milks and a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha at Barnes and Noble while browsing all the Christmas and snowmen books.
We watched Jack explore his new home and discover his favorite hiding places... like underneath the end table - and Mommy and Daddy's extra dark bedroom with its dark brown curtains.
Signing off for now... I've got three little ones in need of bedtime snuggles now...