"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Snowflake Express

We had the opportunity this weekend to take our family on a train ride right out of the pages of the Polar Express.

It may have been raining instead of snowing. And we may have been railing along flat land and through small towns instead of mountains and forests. Our destination was home - not the North Pole. But it was magical in its own way -- because it was real.

We got to take our boys on their first train ride experience - 25 miles round trip - in a train decked out in Christmas. While music of the season played over the speakers and the Polar Express was read aloud, we gazed out the windows and wondered which towns we were passing and how fast we were actually going.

We had fun. It was such a neat experience. Leading up to it, Jaden was a little nervous. He kept asking me if the train was going to go too fast. Every day we talked about it, and every day Brandon was my child that couldn't wait - telling everyone that he was going to get to ride on a "choo choo."

But the morning of as we stood in line to get on board, Brandon went into hysterics. The poor little boy was terrified. He does not like the unknown, and I should have expected this after he didn't ride a single ride at Adventureland this past summer. He cried the entire time we were getting on the train and the entire time we were sitting in our seats waiting for the train to move. It was like wrestling a wild animal to get him to stay on my lap. He would have walked right off that train all by himself had I let him. But as soon as the train went into motion... he was calm as could be.

Jaden had fun, too and turned out to be the brave one after a week of nerves about the whole thing.

{...talking to a reporter...}
{...this little boy adores his big cousin}
The details put into this little adventure are worth mentioning... right down to the "Believe" stamp that was used to stamp our tickets and the bells that were given away to all the children. Just like in the story.
But the surprise visitor - and his timing - made the trip. Five minutes after passing a group of deer on the side of the railway, Santa himself showed up in our train car. Those reindeer sure know right where to fly him. ;)
Seeing him for the first time...
Jaden wasn't satisfied with just giving Santa a high-five. He had to give him knuckles, too. That's my boy. ;)
We had ourselves a memorable one this weekend. It's not every day one gets to ride on a train with Santa, ya know.

Much more to come from our weekend. :) We're down to a single-digit countdown, and excitement is high in our house! There are many pictures needing uploaded and stories to tell, but for now... sleep!