"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Sunday, December 2, 2012

When all else fails... make lots of cookie dough.

If there was just one picture to sum up our weekend:

Cody came home from work Friday night and had all of the sudden been hit with the worst sinus infection I've ever seen inhabit his body. Immediately, all hopes of plans for the weekend went out the window. Along with my hopes to consume less calories this weekend than last.

And... after being fine all day on Saturday, Brandon suddenly came down with a stuffy nose after I tucked him into bed Saturday night. I was up with him ALL night long. And I do mean all night. My first wink of shut-eye came at 7:00am Sunday morning - with Brandon tucked up right next to me in bed so that I couldn't roll over even an inch. Those wrestless two hours of sleep Sunday morning would be all that I would end up seeing. 9a.m. rolled around, and I realized I had an older son that probably needed some breakfast. Motherhood is beautiful in its rawest forms. ;)

So with a husband at urgent care Sunday morning in a waiting room filled with what seemed like 100 other sick people, a headache due to the fall I took down the stairs in the middle of the night (did I forget to mention that?) and a little two year old who somehow managed to muster up more energy than he sometimes does on a healthy day... I resigned myself to the fact that all I could really do was make cookies. And... I needed 10 minutes to myself for a grocery run. Just 10 minutes of "me" time... even if I did show up at HyVee looking like a dead mommy walking. I stood in the HyVee aisle looking up a Pinterest Christmas cookie recipe on my phone because I didn't feel like taking the time to print it off my computer before leaving the house. I came home, and Brandon sat on the counter with me while I mixed, poured, and stole a lick off the spoon here and there. And by the time I had two different kinds of cookie dough made, I had lost all the energy it would take to make rounded spoonfuls and throw them in the oven. So the uncooked dough went into the fridge instead. I did eventually get around to baking some of it...


We did manage to leave the house for a little bit on Saturday night. A Barnes and Noble run provided a way to get the boys out of the house and away from the walking virus that was their Daddy. Jaden picked out an adorable book while we were there, and I highly recommend it.

It tells the story of Mortimer the mouse and his quest to find a more comfortable place to sleep in the home that he has inhabited. He discovers the family's decorative nativity scene and decides that Jesus' bed of hay looks much too comfortable for a statue to be sleeping in. So he removes baby Jesus from his manger and camps there comfortably every night. Mortimer continues to do this night after night until Christmas Eve comes along, and he hears the man of the house reading the Christmas Story to his kids. Mortimer realizes that the baby statue he has been continuously pushing out of its manger is the Savior from the story, and he returns the baby Jesus statue to the bed of hay on Christmas Eve night. Then, without a bed for himself, Mortimer prays to Jesus to provide him a new warm bed to sleep in, and his prayer is answered when he comes across the family's gingerbread house. It's an adorable story and one of my new favorites for my kids.

Other joys of the weekend came when we finally got to start our advent calendars. We now have three different ways of counting down the days until Christmas. One is new, one is a few years old... and one is quite vintage. :)

We have our Fisher Price nativity scene that hangs on the boys' bedroom door. Every day the boys get to add another character to the stable until Christmas Day... when Jesus himself gets placed in his rightful spot. And while doing so, there's a little button they can push to hear Silent Night. They love this thing. ;)

Our something new...

My Aunt Sally and Uncle Bob always send great little packages, letters and cards to us all the way from Florida. We always know they are thinking of us by their thoughtfulness, and this year we received this adorable book that helps us know exactly how many days left until Christmas. Inside the pages are pull-out ornaments that we can hang on the boys' tree in their bedroom. Each ornament has different ideas of fun ways to celebrate the Christmas season.

And our something old.

This wall hanging was made by a dear friend of my parents' years ago and holds a special place in my memories. It was my countdown to Christmas activity when I was a little girl, and I have vivid memories of my dad carrying me through the living room in my nightgown first thing every morning so that I could move the bear through the house and one room closer to the Christmas tree. Brandon's especially fond of this one.

In other big news - after getting an update on my phone, I finally joined the Instagram party. You can follow me at @nicole_ubben or click on the Follow Me link at the top of the page. ;)

I'm now off to hopefully get a full night's sleep!