"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, January 18, 2013

how we do january.

It happens to me every year. The January rut. Holidays are over, my home is no longer fancied up with pumpkins or Christmas trees, we've made soup a million times and I'm craving a steak on the grill. We can't even look forward to sledding or snowman building because for the second winter in a row... we're not getting much snow around here. (Come ON, Iowa weather! This is still Iowa, right??)

...in fact, take a look at Jaden's daycare calendar for the month. It's almost ALL about snow. And we have none. He is so disappointed.

It's true that I'm the girl who thrives on variety and four seasons. And while in August, I count down the days until Fall... once January rolls around, I'm anxious for some May flowers, painted toes and flipflops. Although right now I think I'd settle for April showers and a spring jacket. However, I know that very soon our Saturdays will be filled with swimming lessons and our evenings with the rush of soccer practice. It won't be long and Daddy will be working much longer hours again, and my first born will be graduating preschool and entering into the next phase of his life. (Gulp). So in an effort to do what I always pride myself in doing best... I'm working really hard to enjoy the little things right now. The little things that can only be enjoyed in the dead of winter.

...things like...

...getting creative with our recipes. we are big grill people, and we also have to resort to quicker meal options in the summer due to Cody's work hours. so halfway through winter... we start getting antsy in the kitchen. i've been making an even stronger effort to find new recipes for us to try (and for Cody to cook) and found an absolute favorite this month. homemade french dip in the crockpot. seriously, it was to die for. and even our picky Brandon couldn't get enough. it was so dang funny to watch him dip his sandwich in his own little bowl of french dip sauce. :)

...really digging into those new christmas presents. lots of building and play-doh-ing and coloring going on around here. it's been nice to have the time to really dig into Jaden's preschool work book again since "school work" tends to fall to the way-side when it's nice out.

...movies and reading. my husband never used to be one for reading. in fact, i didn't see him pick up a single book during our entire relationship until a couple months ago. now he's gone through three. and the boys have found a couple new favorite movies. Tangled... and "Pirate Ice Age" are the favorites of the month. in fact, Brandon's just now starting to quote movies - like his daddy.

...regular game nights. we have decided to join Cassi and James for games and wine on a regular basis. i hope we stick to it. growing up, i remember us doing this with my parents' friends and neighbors quite frequently. it's amazing how much you can laugh when going through a bottle of wine and tackling a new board game.

...our own game nights at home. the boys are finally getting old enough. kind of. :) at least they understand the whole "taking turns" thing. Jaden and i were able to play a complete game of Chutes and Ladders the other night before Brandon wanted to join. at that point, the four of us gathered around Candy Land and watched as Brandon surprisingly made it through a whole game. and ended up the winner. i hope these nights continue as they get older.

(having lucy around is like having a baby at home again. she wants in on everything she shouldn't be in on. including bath time. yes... she almost fell into the tub with the boys the other night).

...have you noticed lately that there are quite a few pictures of Brandon in his basketball jersey? because there are quite a few pictures of this. because that's what he wants to wear now. every. single. night.

...playing with Lucy. she's entertaining. and pesky. do not be deceived -- big trouble can come in the smallest of packages. but we love her.

...potty training. we've sort of been working on it for several months, but now we are in potty training bootcamp. Brandon has to be able to wear underwear fulltime by March 4th in order to start at his new daycare. he's doing very well - we just need to work on consistency. so... we let him pick out his own underwear. (he went with pirate themed). and... we've resorted to bribery. you gotta do what you gotta do.

happy weekend. :)