"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ushering in 2013

It's January 8th of this new year, and I haven't even updated the blog once in 2013. It's been over a week since my last post, and I feel a little guilty for it.

Truth be told, I haven't been able to formulate a way to put my 2013 thoughts into writing. I have so much on my mind and so much I want to accomplish in this year, and I have no idea where to start. The holiday season always takes up so much of my thoughts when we're living it out... and then January comes around, and those thoughts are all of the sudden washed away while the flood gates open with a whole new set of things to focus on. It truly is like a new start every year, and I feel a little overwhelmed. Sometimes I think I should stay off of Pinterest. I should read other blogs less so I don't feel pressure to update mine as much as those mommies do. I should be content in knowing that my home is full of decor already, and I don't really need to listen to that nagging voice in my head telling me that the boys' room is in need of a makeover. Brandon won't care that much whether he has a Curious George - or a Sesame Street birthday party.

I've been trying to take the time to just "be" ever since the holidays were over and routines have started again. My camera has hardly been used. Cody is always telling me that I need to just SIT DOWN once in a while. I have trouble doing that. There's always something to organize, mail to sort through, laundry to do, a surface that's in need of dusting... or lately... a Lego set that needs rebuilt. I think one of my new year's resolutions - or as I'd prefer to call it - New Year's goal - is to not measure myself by how much I accomplish in a day or how many projects from Pinterest I complete - but more by how much time I spend engaged with my kids. How many minutes I spend on the floor of our basement playing "fireman legos" with Jaden or how many times a week I allow us to make a mess in the kitchen with the play-doh that Brandon loves so much. They are growing so fast - evidenced by the two birthdays coming up in the next month and a half and their ever-growing activities calendar.

In this first week of the new year, I've made time for other things. I updated our chalkboard wall in our bathroom for the first time in a month - and turned it into a Verse of the Week wall. I'm now completely dedicated to reading the whole Bible in a year and haven't missed a day's reading yet. (Granted, it's only been eight days... but I'm giving myself credit where credit is due).

Last night, my husband got the "bug" to organize our kitchen and completely rearranged EVERYTHING. Then he went into our bathroom and did the same thing. When he moved onto the bathroom, I said, "What are you DOING?" His response... "I"m on a roll. Don't ask questions." It felt really good to not be the organizer for once. I went downstairs and played the Wii instead. :)

I have managed to take just a few pictures this week. I don't have any cute stories behind them. But they're a glimpse into our day-to-day lives and precious just the same.

Sorry for the rambling. Sometimes I just feel the need. :)