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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bookshelves: Before & After

Stopping in this morning to share a quick before and after project.

(This one's for you Aunt Sally!)

As a mommy who loves to read, we have accumulated quite the book collection for our boys. Every change of season, every new holiday and almost every new preschool book order... the boys get a new book... or two or three. :) When Jaden transitioned from a crib to a bed a few years ago (and before we were a family of four), I purchased a couple of stackable storage cubes from Target with the intent to use them as bookshelves in his room. That little nook of books very quickly outgrew itself and was beginning to look more like a cluttered mess - with no way to see which books were what and completely lacking in any kind of organization. (I can't have that).

See what I mean?

The past few months I tossed around ideas in my head as to how to fix this. Now that the boys share a room with bunk beds, wall space is limited. I wanted functional but aesthetically pleasing. Space-saving but reachable for their little legs.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. And Ikea. And my Aunt Sally.

I saw a picture on Pinterest of another mom who used these Ikea spice racks as book shelves. I loved how it looked in their room, I loved the size (and the price), and I loved that it allowed the books to face cover-forward. I read research somewhere that stated if kids can actually see the cover of the book, they are more likely going to want to read it. The unfortunate problem is that Ikea won't ship these, and we don't have a store anywhere close to us. I saw on their website that a newer store just recently opened in Tampa, and it just so happens that my Aunt Sally and Uncle Bob live near Tampa. I e-mailed my aunt telling her my dilemma, and of course -- she was happy to help out. She and her friend Barb made a day trip out of an Ikea shopping trip and within a couple of weeks, I had eight beautiful spice racks show up on my door step.

They fit perfectly in this little corner, and the boys love them. We hung four racks here, and we have four left over. Some that we are planning to hang on the walls by their beds and some that I might use for mason jars filled with their art supplies. My original plan was to paint them to match the colors in their room, but once we actually had them in hand, I decided to keep them as is. They look clean, simple and modern. And we now have a very efficient book system going on. We used one rack for their "seasonal" and holiday books that we can change out throughout the year, one rack for their favorite Bible stories and books, and two other shelves for some of their current favorites. We have another spot in their room that holds their bigger and heavier books, a basket in the living room for their Berenstain Bears collection and a storage bin in their closet that holds their not-in-season books - like their Christmas ones that Brandon would read year-round if he could.

For looks - and for that hard-to-reach top shelf - we went to Target and picked out a nice step stool. We coupled that with two of their reading companions that go along with a couple of their books, and it's amazing how much it all has made a different in their small bedroom.

And to add to the beauty of it all - the old Target black storage cubes match and fit perfectly in my office to provide me with a place to put all my marketing materials and printer paper. Storage I was despartely needing for myself.

Thanks again Aunst Sally!!