"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Brandon: On Your 3rd Birthday

The other day as we were putting your snow gear on, excitement radiated from your many facial expressions and out of the blue you leaned into me, put your arms around my neck and said, "I love you Mommy."

You melt me into puddles every day, silly boy.

And you are growing up so fast. Tomorrow, you turn the ripe old age of -- preschooler. I can't call you a toddler anymore. You haven't even been letting us call you "little boy" lately. "I'm not little! I'm big!" The last six months you have said goodbye to your binky, goodbye to diapers and pullups, goodbye to naps. We're entering a new chapter of our lives where baby things are entirely in the past, and two kids in school is in the very near future. Every new chapter comes with its share of mixed emotions. Excitement that we are no longer wiping poopy bottoms. Excitement at a daycare bill cut in half in six months. Excitement for your first day of preschool. Sadness that I don't know how much longer you'll be calling me Mommy instead of Mom. That I don't know how much longer you'll want me to cuddle you to sleep at night. That I want your soft baby cheeks to last another three years longer before you grow out of them.

I'm so proud and honored to be your mommy. You are a constant supplier of joy, laughs, and I'm convinced your cuddles can make anything better.


A little bit about you as you turn three...
...you go to bed around 8:30 every night. You still sleep with your favorite blue blanky and your sippy cup of water in your bed with you. You fall asleep holding your cup. You always want Mommy to lay with you for a while - and then Daddy. Some nights this routine only takes a couple of minutes... sometimes it takes much longer.
...you wake up every morning between 6:00 and 7:00 -- at which point you want to watch one of your favorite shows. We record Sesame Street, Higglytown Heroes, Curious George and Jungle Junction. You also like to watch Imagination Movers, Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins.
...you like bread and peanut butter or Brown Sugar Cinnamon poptarts when you wake up.


...you still have silly dress-up styles. You either want your Panther basketball jersey and shorts, your towel on your head, your snow boots on in the house... or a combination of all three.
...you aren't showing any interest yet in Jaden's video games, but you do like to use the iPad.
...your favorite movies right now are Tangled, The Cat in the Hat, and you like to watch Spiderman cartoons from time to time.
...you know your colors, can sometimes count to 10 if you're in the right mood, can show us how old you are with your fingers, tell us your birthday is March 2, and you know that you live on Rainbow Dr.
...you are not a good eater. Supper time is your worst meal, and there are nights where you really won't eat anything. You do like mac and cheese, pizza, chilli and french dip sandwiches! I think you'd eat a cupcake for every meal if you could, and you love cookies.
...you love helping Mommy bake anything.
...you LOVED Christmas and still talk about it - wondering when we can put our Christmas tree up again.
...you get to start going to Blessed Beginnings Daycare with Jaden in a couple of days, and you are so ready. You have been the oldest child at your in-home daycare for months now, and we are so anxious for you to be able to play with a bunch of kids your own age.
...you rocked potty training. It was so easy with you.
...you are a Mommy's boy. You love your Daddy, and you love playing with him, but whenever you NEED something --- only Mommy is allowed to help you.
...you talk all the time but still have trouble with certain sounds. "Stop" is "TOP!" -- for example. You have a cute little lisp -- just like your daddy did. ;)

...you still wear size 2T in most things because you're pretty short. ;)
...you are easily entertained. You love just hanging out at home - coloring, or painting, playing with cars or just running from one room to the next.
...nap time is a STRUGGLE for you. You will nap at daycare most of the time, but it is a miracle if we can get you to nap when at home. This has been going on for several months. You weren't a good napper as a baby - taking cat naps of about 30 minutes twice a day. Daddy is getting a taste of his own medicine, as I've been told he didn't need a lot of sleep either.

...you love little Lucy, but it's so funny hearing you get angry with her. "NO NO KITTY!" in as bossy of a voice as a three-year old can muster.
...you love Jaden, but you fight just as brothers should. You are so different from each other, but mesh well together like puzzle pieces.
...you love to play outside, going for walks, playing at parks and swinging. We can't wait for Spring.
...M&M's are your favorite candy. When all else fails... two M&M's never do.

We love you so much little boy, and I can't imagine our family without you in it. You are so stubborn, yet oh so sweet. Funny and incredibly independent. A tiny guy with a huge personality. And I am SO honored to be your mommy.