"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring/Summer Bucket List

I pride myself on my patience with winter. I love a good snow storm as much as I love a good thunderstorm. I love a cozy night under the blankets with my sweatshirt, a good book, and a hot chocolate. I love comfort food, and I don't even mind when it gets dark at 5:00.


Too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. And all these good things are turning into old things. It's time to move on. I need some variety -- some spice back in our lives. I need a night at the park with my kids, watching for that first star to appear in the sky. I need Brandon to point out the moon to me, and talk about how far away it is. I need to sit on the grass and watch the planes fly above, as the boys count how many zig-zags they see in the sky. I need to turn off our heat and open our windows. I need fresh air and some pink flowers on my deck.

We have plans for this summer - some big and some small - and my mind is racing with the possibilities of it all. A clean garage, a new fire pit, our first S'mores party. Brandon received a telescope for Christmas. It's still in the box. Jaden received a pitching machine for his birthday. It's still in the box. I've got an ever-growing bucket list forming in my mind...
Spring/Summer Bucket List 2013

1. Buy a fire pit. We've already got it picked out. A fire pit good for roasting marshmallows whenever we feel like it. A fire pit for entertaining and drinking Summer Shandy's and telling stories as the sun goes down. A fire pit for family and memories.

2. Host our first S'mores party. Have our families over for grilling and swimming and basketballing on the driveway, followed by S'mores and kids in pajamas and lightning bugs and sunsetting. I've already got the Pinterest ideas flowing. It. Is. Happening.

3. Buy another seasonal pass to the Falls. The kids loved it there this past summer, and I know they'll love it even more now as they are another year older. We drive by the pool every day for daycare, and they always ask if the water is warm enough yet to go back. ;)

4. Watch Cody play softball one night a week. We've talked about him joining a league again this summer like he did before Brandon was born.

5. Sign Jaden up for t-ball.

6. A return trip to Adventureland. But a lot earlier this year so it's not nearly as hot as last.

7. My 10-year high school reunion. I was asked to help plan it. Oh boy...

8. Walks on the bike trail by our house. Brandon needs to learn how to operate his new scooter, and Jaden was just getting into the whole biking thing last Fall before it turned cold.

9. Games of HORSE in our driveway. Thank goodness we have a basketball hoop because I have a feeling this older boy of ours is going to be spending hours practicing his jump shot.

10. Chalk murals all over the pavement.

11. Teach Brandon to not be afraid of his new motorcyle.

12. A different park adventure every week.

13. Taste test a bunch of flavored beers, pick a favorite and always have some on hand.

14. Read a book on my deck as the sun goes down.

15. Sit on our deck a lot. (We love our deck).

16. Drink everything out of a mason jar. With a pretty straw.

17. Put summer lights around our deck.

18. Ride some carnival rides.

19. Attend Movies Under the Moon in our PJ's

20. Visit the Splash Pad

21. Teach the boys how to catch lightning bugs

...and the list is ever-growing.


I'm dreaming today. And remembering. And getting anxious to re-create and make some new.

{bubble blowing}

{flower planting}

{brother bonding}

{bike trail walking}

{family bbq-ing}

{carnival riding}

{park adventuring}

{plant watering}

{bible camping}

{tractor riding}

{sturgis fallsing}
{grass mowing}

{evening swimming}

{pool filling}
{summer pondering}
{park swinging} 
{petting zoo feeding}

{rock skipping/pond adventuring}

{movies under the moon-ing}
...here's to clear skies, pretty sunsets and mason jars filled with lightning bugs... very soon!