"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Such a big boy...


Today, Daddy and I joined forces to take you to your three-year physical. We walked into your new daycare that you've been kicking butt at for the last week -- just in time to see you sitting in the "lunch room" at a table surrounded by all your new friends. You looked so grown up... despite the spaghetti sauce stains up and down your white sleeves... and you were so happy to see Mommy and Daddy that you immediately decided you were done with lunch and ready to join us for whatever adventure you thought we were in for. You got up out of your tiny chair, handed your glass to your teacher and threw away your paper plate without even needing to be asked. It was such a stark contrast from two weeks ago when you were still attending your in-home daycare - surrounded by babies and one-year olds and clinging to us evey time we had to drop you off.

I was reminded today - again - how quickly this time with you is flying by. Even the doctor made a point of telling me that she can't believe you're already three. The same doctor that saw us through horrible baby ear infections, tubes, and nursing. Today they gave you your first "vision" screening -- in which they said you cooperated better than any other three year old. They checked your blood pressure for the first time (the only part that you were somewhat unsure of) and asked you a lot of questions, such as your name, your age and if you were a boy or a girl -- all of which you answered perfectly but in a whisper. As if it was some sort of secret - this conversation between doctor and patient. You refused to wear the hospital gown and insisted on running around in your socks and pirate underwear instead, flexing your bicep muscles for us twice once you had your shirt off. You let Dr. look in your ears "for three seconds", interrupted the appointment with a very serious "I have to go potty!" -- and told Daddy in the bathroom that it was the same bathroom that the doctors poop in. You are never at a loss for words, and Dr. VanSickle said we must be doing everything "just right" -- because, well... you're pretty darn cute and lovable. You're also healthy... and still little. (Only between the 10th-and 25th percentile for height and weight). You are exactly a quarter of an inch shy of three feet tall, but you have remained on your natural growth curve. You are growing -- just at your own pace.

You rocked your appointment today. We love you, buddy. Here's to another year of growing and learning and being uniquely you!