"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Sunday, March 17, 2013

the good with the bad.

I'm learning a lot lately. A lot about disappointments and overcoming them. A lot about shedding a tear and then moving on. I think in this season of life God is trying to tell me something. And He's not being so subtle. He is forcing me to look at the big picture - not the small picture. Forcing me to look at my life as a whole - and not just allow myself to stew over the one bad day I just had. Telling me to remember what my personal priorities are - a happy and safe family, a roof over our heads that we can call ours - a job that I am incredibly blessed by - and my faith in Him.

I'm learning to take the good with the bad and to dwell on the good - not the bad. I'm learning. I'm a work in progress. Deep breaths, a bubble bath at the end of the day, and if all else fails... a giant bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. (Which I'm currenly endulging in).


The bad... a broken wedding ring. A missing baguette.

The good... it was an affordable fix thanks to the deal they gave me due to the fact that my dad has shopped at that jewelry store for years. It definitely pays to know people in high places. Or in this case... jewelry store owners.

The bad...a full week of pink-eye. Waking up Saturday morning to find it in my other eye and discover that Brandon has it, too. Eye drops don't go over well with our three-year old.

The good... teaching Brandon how to spend money for the first time. We took him shopping with some birthday cash and let him pick out his own toy. He chose a Melissa & Doug ice cream set to go with his kitchen.

...the bad. I had an idea to use a gift card for a family dinner out. We haven't done this in a while. Epic fail. Brandon hadn't napped and apparently he wasn't hungry. I spent the first half of the meal with him in the bathroom, and Daddy spent the second half of the meal with him in the car. This child will not eat at supper time. It's like pulling teeth. Throw in a massive fit and crocodile tears, and it's safe to say it will be another long while before we attempt another family dinner out. That's okay - I prefer dinners on our deck anyway. (Hurry up, Spring. Seriously).

The good... a sports show in the Dome. Kangaroos. I had never seen one in person, and I'm convinced I want to own one for a pet now. Those are the funniest and cutest little things to see live. And our kids got to pet a baby one. Never say you can't do cool things in Iowa. Oh yes... and we tried to catch some fish, too.

The bad... a broken camera on a Sunday afternoon. Crap. CRAP.

The good... my dad has one I can borrow for now. It doesn't hold the same place in my heart, but at least I can capture moments until I figure out how to fix or replace mine. (Crap).

Moments captured with my Dad's camera: crafting.

Brandon's Easter wreath...

...and Jaden's...

The good... traditions of old and of new. Coloring Easter eggs and Spring Oreo's dunked in a glass of green St. Patty's day milk.


The bad... the minute I walked away from the eggs, I heard a loud splat. Lucy knocked my favorite one onto the ground. I love that cat... but she is big trouble in a very small package. (She broke a candle this weekend, too. And two of my favorite frames in the last couple of weeks). I love her though.

The good... the boys finally playing downstairs peacefully at the end of a crazy weekend. There was no fighting, there were no cries for "Mommmyyy!"...

The bad... I'm so not used to moments like these that as it was happening, I made the mistake of saying to Cody: "I don't know what to do with myself right now." It's true... I don't really even know how to relax before 9:00 at night. Two minutes after saying that, Brandon marches up the steps to tell me that he colored all over the carpet. Sure enough, right at the bottom of the steps was blue marker scribbled in large obnoxious circles. I did all I could with cleaning supplies, watched some of it fade, and then walked back up the steps and shut the door. I haven't yet checked to see if it's still there. I'm waiting for it to dry completely. I'll look tomorrow. Or maybe I'll wait another day. Because like I said... I did all I could.

The good... the Panthers are hosting at least one more basketball game this week. If the weather insists on bringing us more snow, we might as well still be playing some basketball.

Here's to hoping for more good than bad this week. And if not...

It sounds cool so I'm going with it. I've got my game face on.