"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, April 29, 2013

days of spring...

If I had things my way, every weekend would go just as this one did. The weather was perfect, the food was yummy and simple and our boys were so very happy.

I could have lived in these days forever. The easy rhythm of drinks in ball jars and boys with trucks in the driveway. My husband at the grill and my cat sleeping in the open window.

Life gets busier all the time, and it's so refreshing to sit back in a lawn chair and just BE. I downloaded a new awesome book to my Nook, drew parking spots in the garage with chalk for all of our ride-on toys and melted a new scent bar in my scentsy pot. I thanked my lucky stars to be living in Iowa - where weekends such as this lift everyone's spirits and make us appreciate singing birds and blue skies for the beautiful things that they are. And I woke up and smiled this morning when I looked out the window to stormy skies... because those are pretty neat, too. And yes, I took pictures. I found a balance between living behind the lens and leaving the camera in the bag. I wanted to capture the memories and live in the moment, too. It's all about balance these days.

We did a lot this weekend without doing too much of anything.


...the UNI spring football game. They gave away free sandwiches and had a bouncy house for the kids. It was the neatest little bouncy house I'd seen yet with a big slide inside and a basketball hoop. The boys' smiles were priceless.

After the game, we took our new poster down to the field to get some autographs and pictures. Brandon was too scared to get any pictures with the players, but Jaden was more than willing. He was shy and quiet during the process, but so very proud to hang that poster up in his room afterwards. We found out that his swimming teacher is dating the player featured on the poster, and she has offered to bring our star running back to Jaden's next birthday party if we want. ;) It never hurts to know people!

Saturday... a park visit and two swimming classes. Jaden passed his class and was told he gets to move up to the big pool the next time. He's a little nervous about that, but he's ready. We played outside all day long and watched Brandon become familiar with his motorcycle that he got for his birthday. He rode this little thing around in circles for the longest time, pushing the buttons to sound the sirens and the radio. With his sunglasses on. It does not get cuter than this.

When Daddy got home from work, we tried on our new baseball gloves, and I watched my three boys play catch. There is nothing that warms the heart more than listening to your husband teach fundamentels to your little boys. They learned to step with their left foot when throwing with their right, and we learned that both kids have a good arm on them! Brandon lasted longer than Jaden and probably could have played catch with Daddy until it was dark.

While Cody fired up the grill, I poured myself a drink, opened up my new US Magazine and relaxed while the boys entertained themselves. They brought out their trucks and sat in our driveway for almost an hour just loading their trucks with rocks, moving them and dumping them out again. They were so peaceful, and I could hear Brandon talking to himself while he worked. I'm not sure what he was saying and I didn't want to move closer and interrupt the moment, but it was adorable.

After dinner, Tim, Deanne and Ella came over and the adults sat on the deck while the kids played hide-and-seek and ran wild.

Sunday brought even warmer weather so after church we made more plans for parks and family cookouts. I'm not sure we spent more than two hours inside this whole weekend.

We had my parents over for good old fashioned hamburgers on the grill - complete with pickles, onions, ketchup and a fruit salad. My dad brought over individual chocolate cakes, and we played more baseball, had a basketball competition and laughed at my dad's attempt at chalk art.

If I could have bottled up the weekend and saved it for a rainy day, I would have. Snow this week?? That's crazy talk!