"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, April 5, 2013

Photo Drop Friday

I have become a big fan of Instagram lately. I was a little late to the party -- but better late than never. Let's face it... it's not always convenient to lug the Canon around everywhere. But with my camera phone and a few cool editing effects, it's easy to capture even the smallest of details. And since my driving force in life is to appreciate the little things... I find joy in capturing those small moments even through the smallest of lenses. (Plus our kids love to look through the picture gallery on my phone!)

Sharing the little moments from the last week: (you can become a follower by clicking here: Follow on Instagram )

Lucy helping Mama work. This feisty little kitty has become a unique and valued piece to our family puzzle. We love her, and she's slightly spoiled. (Even by Papa).

Kalahari Resort countdown chain in the boys' bedroom. Every day when I pick them up from daycare, this is the first thing Jaden asks to do - take another ring off and countdown the days. We can't wait for ferris wheels and water slides. Wave pools and a fireplace suite.

Grandma Alda birthday cupcakes. I whipped these up on a whim in the middle of a work day. While the oven baked, I wrote reports. A benefit of working from home.

Anthony James and his biggest fan. A quick fist bump for the senior before his final game as a Panther. Jaden is bummed and still talks about being sad that "AJ" is done. We're trying to talk up Seth Tuttle big time so that he has a new favorite for next season! ;)

The Easter Bunny came.

Cousins. Edited. I love this picture and had to share it with my Instagram followers.

Baths, bubbles and Lucy. She always likes to watch the kids take a bath and several times has come close to falling in. Last night... she did.

Bedtime cuddles.

Spring. Lucy is a fan. Having the doors open is perfect for bird watching and happy kitty purring.

Spring. We played outside all night. Shot hoops and kicked soccer balls. Ate on our deck. And trimmed and burned our tall grasses so they could grow new again.

Friday. First Starbucks since Christmas. A weekend ahead full of swimming lessons and spring cleaning the garage (weather permitting).

Have a great weekend!