"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Photo Drop

Here to share some of my favorite Instagram pics lately. I'm creating quite a collection of these sweet pics, and my next project involves getting them printed and creating something like this in my home office:


There are several memories of my childhood that stand out, but one of the most vivid involved Maryhill Dr., Casey, James and Amanda, a bunch of bubbles, and the Newbern's front yard. On that summer evening, we filled Kevin and Patty's grass with bubbles. It looked like it had rained bubbles, and though I'm certain no one else has this picture stamped in their heart quite like I do, it's one of my favorite childhood memories from growing up in that special neighborhood. Maybe it's because tragedy struck a few years later and Kevin and Patty are no longer with us, but when I saw Brandon creating bubbles on our grass this week, I went right back to that childhood evening in my mind and felt grateful that God hasn't allowed me to forget that special picturesque moment from all those years ago.

Lucy... this little lady has turned me into quite the cat lover. I never thought I'd see the day. She is such a soft little bundle of mischievous sweetness that I'm okay with holding off on a puppy for a few years yet.

My favorite date with my favorite boys. Coffee, books and a rainy day.

A wedding in Maucker Union. I'd never attended a wedding reception there, but the place looked beautiful.

A perfect summer night. We haven't had enough of these yet, but I'm certain the next three months will be filled with more pictures like this. Citronella candles lit, our fire pit burning and a game or two on the deck. With wine. (Or some Bud Light Lime).

Nothing keeps these kids entertained like this simple little water table. Sensory play is the best kind of play.

Putting the kids to bed early and taking some time for me. No TV. No computer. Just my Nook and a beautiful candle courtesy of Target and my parents.

They love to help Daddy water the flowers. I'm hoping they inherit his green thumb. Unfortunately, I haven't developed one yet.

Saturday morning in our bed. ipad. And Lucy.

Hoping this little one gets to see a real rainbow in the sky very soon.

Here's to the weekend! I hope the weather cooperates because we've got plans -- plans that include hot air balloons, game nights and a picnic or two.