"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Ramble and Random Pictures

This week has been exhausting, and it's only Wednesday! Cody has been working until really late every night, and Jaden is attending Vacation Bible School every night this week. That means single parenting for this mama - plus quick dinners - plus lots of driving and pickups and drop offs -- and later bedtimes for all. The later bedtimes and weird routine have Brandon's terrible threes coming out in full force, and his heartbreaking words last night of "I really miss my Daddy" have Cody feeling guilty. Plus, I think I'm getting a cold, and Brandon has been coughing the last 12 hours. Even Lucy seems to be feeling neglected and has been acting out more than normal. I realize I talk about my cat like she is another child in the family... but sometimes... that's exactly what it feels like!

I'm so glad that Jaden is having a blast at VBS because it sure wreaks havoc on our schedule!

Sharing some recent Instagram pics that are too cute to keep to myself. What did people ever do before phones had camera capabilities??

Brandon had his first dentist appointment last week, and he was a ROCK STAR. He sat in the chair, legs crossed, arms folded over his tummy, sun glasses on to protect his eyes from the bright light, and opened and closed his mouth like he'd been there dozens of times before. Even the dentist marveled at how great of a first appointment it was, and when it was all done... that balloon did not leave his wrist. So proud of him and so mad that I left my phone and camera in the car!

Maybe one of my new favorite places to eat. It's not new to town, but it's new to me as a new sushi lover. I now get cravings for it, and my mom's jaw dropped when she saw me using chop sticks. And I can't get enough Wasabi!

I mean really... no words needed. These two pictures melt me.

Cookie baking on a rainy Saturday night. This brings back so many memories of my childhood when my dad would bake his famous chocolate chip cookies. Brandon likes to help me pour and mix the ingredients just like I used to do. And of course, he's a pro at licking the spoons.

Playing tag in the backseat on the way to rent movies. They couldn't stop giggling.

Our cribbage night on the deck.

Date night! Dairy Queen every Sunday night... it's our tradition in the summer.

Cupcake date while Jaden was at VBS. He of course ate the best part of the cupcake first, and in order to get him to eat the remaining part, I had to excite him with the idea of finding all the purple sprinkles trapped in the middle. He likes purple.

I love watching him lose himself in his own little world of play.

Even though it seems we've had our fill of rain lately, I'm actually looking forward to some thunderstorms tonight. A hopeful movie night and our daddy being able to come home early is just what we need right now!