"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dear Jaden...

My little buddy. Well, It's here. I just dropped you off for your last day of daycare. Your teacher and I got a little emotional -- she doesn't want you to leave her classroom, and I wish we could take her with you to Kindergarten. That teacher and that daycare class have been so good for you for the last year. You have grown so much in her care, and it's a little hard to let go of that.

But you asked me last night if today was the day when I would start calling you a Kindergartner. And today is the day. You are ready, and I'm relieved that you are so excited. For the last 5 1/2 years we have been raising you, watching you grow from infant to toddler to shy preschooler to classroom leader. We have been told by your daycare teacher that she's told other parents that you are the child they should want their son to follow and to be influenced by. In her goodbye card to you, she wrote how much she appreciated having you in class - that she could always count on you and that you are such a good role model. I'm not sure any words can make a parent prouder. You are a joy and a unique little soul and a special light in a big world. You are my heart.

And you're about to take a huge step. Not completely on your own but more independently than any other step you've had to take so far in your young life. A pastor from one of our sister church's sent a letter to us recently. This pastor has been helping lead you in chapel once a week for the past year, and he wrote to us about what a huge event this is coming up -- in your life and in the life of our family. He mentioned that this is the beginning of a new world of experiences outside of our protective environment - that Kindergarten is a huge step in the life of every child and represents a major transition for all of us. I have been anticipating this day for a few months now, and though I pray for you constantly, my prayers for you lately have been more intense - more fervent.

I pray that you will have fun. That you will learn and have a desire to learn. I pray that you work hard, continue to respect authority, trust your gut instincts and stay happy. I pray that you surround yourself with those of good character, that you will always strive to see the good in other people and the good in yourself -- even on your tough days. I pray that you will know the One to turn to when you are afraid, that you draw close to Him, use prayer as your strongest weapon and tool and that you will tell others about Jesus. I pray that you gain an understanding of blessings - both big and small - and the importance of thankfulness. I pray that you make lots of friends -- but that you always come to us when you are lonely. Or even when you're not lonely. I pray that you continue to protect and guide your younger brother, that you find something you are passionate about and run with it and that you treat girls how they should be treated. I pray that you remember right and wrong and continue to love your family as much as you do right now. I pray for your safety and your health. I pray all of this and so much more.

You have a tremendous support system around you. You are so lucky. We are Team Jaden all the way.

We love you. We are so dang proud of you. And we will be here for you and with you throughout this long and beautiful journey ahead. Spread your wings, little man... and let your light shine.