"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, September 30, 2013

refuelling with Fall

This week is like coming up for air. Last week was brutal, and in the midst of the hustle and bustle, I forgot all about my favorite time of year and just tried to get through each day. In 48 hours I traveled throughout the east coast and Midwest, hosted two large work events in states I'd never been to before, and had a lot of preparation to complete on the ground before my plane even took off. All was a success, and I'm feeling very accomplished now that it's over... but boy, am I glad it's over!

When I got home Friday afternoon, I had a few hours to spare before having to pick the boys up. I ignored the 100 emails in my Inbox I had yet to read and literally sat on my couch under the covers for three hours. It felt great, and I didn't even care that we desperately needed to go grocery shopping, that there were bills that needed paying and a full mailbox that hadn't been checked in four days.

But with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, I was ready to sink back into all that is Fall. I hadn't taken time in the last week to light my candles, to bake cookies or to read bedtime stories to my kids. And just like that we're on the last day of September and it's all going by too quickly. This weekend was about trying to slow down, (even though we were plenty busy) and filling our senses with late September...

We found a new favorite spot. A beautiful bridge over the lake with a perfect view of a setting sun. We're going back as soon as those leaves start changing colors, and I see family pictures here in the future. I love finding places like this in our town -- a town I've lived in all my life, yet it still holds surprises for me.

Brandon's becoming quite the cheeser for the camera and actually requests to have pictures taken with me now. I just wish his older brother would do the same!

We watched fishies make ripples in the water and stayed until dark.

After a Saturday full of football and the Panthers, we spent most of Sunday outside...

We had arts and crafts time, and I now have new masterpieces to hang in the kids' art frames in my office. They loved getting out our paints and scissors and glue and I love seeing their little hands at work.

Some soccer practice, a trip to Barnes and Noble, and a walk in the woods to wind down on a Sunday night...

The neatest thing happened when we pulled into the drive to get to Hartman Reserve. We saw a deer eating in my Nanny and Poppop's old yard... eating off the same hasta plants that deer used to eat off of when I was a little girl. Once again, my kids are recreating memories I hold dear to my heart from my childhood...

I am so looking forward to this week. No plans except for cookie baking tonight, a free makeover and ladies' night on Wednesday, and some good football watching and pumpkin patching this weekend.

Thank goodness for October's.