"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, September 16, 2013

how we do Fall

So many nice moments this weekend with pretty days and cozy nights. We mixed it up with time outdoors, cozy nights in and some yummy food. These are the weekends that make me appreciate this season most and wish that it could stretch on forever.


Friday night we had breakfast for supper. Eggs, bacon, toast. We put the boys in their pajamas early, tucked them in the car with some baggies full of snacks, and drove around with the windows down... watching the sunset, looking for geese and listening to music.

Saturday morning we headed out to the shop to see Lucy's "nephews" as we like to call them. ;) Lucy's sister had two babies not that long ago, and they are just now to the point where we can let the boys hold them. Seriously... they are so little and so precious, and I could have stayed there cuddling them all day long. Oh yes... and Lucy's brother... who is always eager to soak up as much attention as he can get!

Brandon was so in love with this little Lucy look-alike, and I had to repeatedly tell Cody that we are NOT bringing another cat home.

But we talked this weekend of our future and opened up some new discussions of where we would like it to be a few years from now. We're slowly getting a desire for a small acreage house west of town... a piece of land facing the west, a bunch of farm kittens running around, a dog or two and maybe some chickens. Only time will tell if this new little dream of ours becomes a reality, but the more I hold these babies, the more I envision a lifetime full of moments like these!

Saturday afternoon we spent a lot of time outside. It was gorgeous. I sat on the deck, drank some coffee, listened to the live music coming from our new neighbor's outdoor housewarming party and watched the boys play catch with their baseball gloves. And of course... we threw in a park visit.

Saturday night after a pot of chili, we went to Ella's house for some s'mores. The adults talked around the fire while the kids played on the swings, and when it got too dark to be outside, we headed in where the kids had their own little disco party in Ella's room. They turned off all the lights, turned on her disco ball and flashlights and rocked out to Spice Girls circa 1996. So funny.

Sunday -- after church and Bruschetta pasta for lunch -- we went out to the arboretum for the Fall Festival. They host this event every year, but I had never been -- and if it hadn't been so darn windy, I would have liked to have stayed longer. The kids had fun with all the animals and scare crows, but Mama would have liked to have had more time to shop at all the different vendors and tents. There were so many!

This turtle was just crawling around free, and Jaden thought he was pretty funny.

And my serious animal lover Brandon... leaning in for a kiss!

After stopping to see the train, the pretty owl and feed the fish, we fed the boys their second lunch of the day. They are growing boys for sure, and that Hansen's ice cream was really good. While they ate under the tents, I was able to pick out some free books donated by the Waterloo Public Library. A flower book for our flower child, Brandon -- and a spider story book for our Jaden who is trying to find the "courage" to overcome his fear of spiders. ;)

And the best part of the festival is this new Panther pumpkin my mom and dad found for us!
Later in the day while Daddy watched football with Wade, the boys and I had a little shopping date. I admit that I take after my dad and I'm kind of a shopaholic. I find pleasure in new purchases, but I definitely don't have expensive taste and pride myself on finding good deals on things. Luckily, as long as I'm quick and intentional about where we shop and what we need to find, the boys are usually pretty good at going along for the ride.
We stopped first for another pumpkin as I had promised Brandon we would pick one out this weekend, and I also grabbed this $4.00 lamp shade I had seen at Cassi's the night before. And after grabbing the ingredients for some peanut butter cookies, we stopped at the Starbucks in Target and sat at a little table for the three of us -- unwinding over juice boxes for the boys and a salted caramel mocha for Mommy. These boys make for good dates --- shopping and Starbucks and people watching from a little cafĂ© table. I love being their mommy. :)


We brought our new purchases home, spent time decorating our deck just so, and watered our new pot of mums. When we had everything placed where we wanted it, Jaden said, "Wow, this is a pretty deck Mommy!" I think they're going to make good husbands someday. ;)

We finished the weekend with some pizza, a movie, Lincoln Log houses, Lucy cuddles and a really warm bath.

Even kitty couldn't keep her eyes open!
Happy Fall, indeed.