"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Today you are six

Six years ago today, at 7:14pm, we said hello to a bright-eyed, 8lb. 5 oz. 22-inch long baby boy.

Long and skinny then. Tall and skinny now. ;)

I laugh when looking at pictures of you in your little Nike booties. Your feet were already too big for them by the time you were born, and they constantly fell off your feet because of it. And to this day, we still have trouble finding shoes to fit your big, wide feet!

No matter how much we would try to swaddle you, you always insisted on sleeping with your arms above your head. I have so many pictures of you in this position. Touchdown!

This morning, I walked into your room to find you still sound asleep. I gently rubbed your tummy and said, "Rise and shine... it's your birthday!" You got up out of bed, looked yourself over and said,

"I'm six now?"
"But I don't look any bigger!" (With a giant scowl on your face).

You were so frustrated to not be able to see a difference in yourself from the night before! ;) You want so badly to be big like daddy and the basketball players. I'm telling you kiddo, you are well on your way. In fact... I'd like it if you would slow down a bit!

Just a little bit about you at six years young...

...you are ALL boy. Just as your favorite toy at 12 months old was a $1.00 blue kick-ball from CVS Pharmacy, you have remained a lover of sports and it is a growing passion all the time. It's hard for you to sit and play with toys, but you can sit all afternoon and watch a football game on TV with your daddy. In fact, you ask us almost daily if there's a football game on. Your favorite game on the Wii is Madden and you are counting down the months until your first flag football game. You love basketball, too but football is in your blood and so far, seems to be your favorite.

...you love to wrestle. If we let you, you'd wrestle all night every night. We have to constantly remind you that you are bigger and stronger than your brother... and that your girlfriends don't share in your love of that particular activity. You'd wrestle anyone who would let you, and most of your hugs right now are preceded by a running tackle of sorts.

...you will one day eat me out of house and home. You're getting close already. You have always been a good eater since day one, and you are always looking forward to your next meal. You love anything with noodles, hot dogs, and would eat pizza every night if we let you. Breakfast is your favorite meal of the day when you get to go to Village Inn, and you always order the same thing - scrambled eggs, a fruit bowl, sausage and toast with jelly. You love juice, chocolate milk, fruit snacks, applesauce, Subway turkey sandwiches, chili... and root beer. Broccoli is your favorite vegetable, and we have no trouble getting you to clean your plate of it.

...your current favorite movies are Home Alone, Despicable Me 2, Monsters University... and old UNI football highlight DVD's.

...you still love drumming with your drumsticks to your CD's in the basement, and every time someone witnesses it, they are amazed at your talent. You seriously could hold your own if we sent you out onto the field with the UNI marching band to perform!

...you are still growing like a weed. You go through jeans and shoes as fast as a baby grows out of newborn sized diapers. Sometimes I joke with myself that the reason I have two boys is because God knew I'd need a second boy to get good use out of all the clothes I have to spend money on. I can't keep up with you!

...you are doing very well in school and enjoy it most of the time, although "stay at home days" are still your favorite. Your best friend's name is Trevor but there isn't anyone in class that you don't get along with or enjoy. Your favorite subjects are gym and music class, but you are starting to enjoy art class more. The transition from daycare to school age was incredibly easy thanks to a great teacher and a good school. I am so thankful for that.

...you love spending time and playing with your younger brother at night, although the older he gets, the more you two fight (and make up). You get so mad at him when you're trying to tell him something and he doesn't care to listen, but you get over it quickly and rarely do anything without each other. You are so different from each other but have this awesome bond, making me so thankful that you two are close in age. Though growing up I always thought I'd want a daughter and a house full of pink, God knew best. I love having two boys.

...you sleep like a champ. When you do wake up in the middle of the night, we don't even know it. You dream frequently and are becoming much more descriptive about your dreams when we wake you up in the morning. You seem to be fascinated by dreams lately. Some common themes in your dreams are spiders, monsters and your friends.

...you still LOVE being surrounded by our family, and I appreciate that so much about you. You are happiest when the nanas, papas, aunts and uncles and cousins are all around you. You love a good "party" and your only request for your birthday party this year was having the nanas and papas join you at Pizza Hut.

...you were selected "Leader of the Week" this week at school... a fitting way to celebrate your birthday. Your teachers and daycare providers all compliment us on how well behaved you always are, how nice you are to other students and how much of a role model you are. We are so proud of you.

...you have your first loose tooth on the front, bottom of your mouth. I picked you up from school one day and you told me your tooth hurt as you got in the car. I thought you were talking about your adult molars that are coming in right now, but you showed me a tooth in the front. Then you told me it was loose! Sure enough... there's a little wiggle action going on.

...you are a sweet, funny, lover of life and laughter.

Happy birthday Jaden Timothy. You are so very loved. Today, we celebrate you. I think we'll have cake.