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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Junior Panther Night

Last night Jaden got to participate in Junior Panther Night, an event hosted by the UNI Athletic Department. Kids have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with members of all the Division I athletic teams on the Dome floor, rotating to each station or sport and receiving autographs and a goody-bag to take home with them when it's all over.

Jaden had so much fun, and we can't wait until Brandon is old enough to participate, as well. What a great event and opportunity for these youngsters!

Some pictures of just a few of the stations...

Patiently waiting...

He just spotted us in the stands. ;)

Football... his favorite of the night, of course!

Getting instruction from Jake Farley... one of his favorites...


Wrestling... this was a funny one to watch!

And soccer with Uncle James!

Waiting in line for his turn at the long jump...

And hurdles! ;)

Time for autographs. One from his god daddy first of all. ;)

Bennett Koch!

Another favorite... David Johnson. He had fun looking at these autographs again in the morning.

And Jake Farley. This picture makes me smile. Memories of babysitting Jake on Maryhill Dr. when he was just a little guy... and now looking at him here with my little guy. Life comes full circle in so many ways!

It's so much fun to live in a college community that offers these opportunities. It's so fun to see Jaden up close with the guys he watches on TV and cheers for in the stands.

Thank you, Panthers!