"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating Brandon

This weekend, we had a birthday. We celebrated this four year old of ours with all the trimmings of a traditional birthday celebration. There was cake and family and presents. There were surprises and special moments. Noisy periods and quiet times. Reflection and thankfulness for this gift of life that he is and how much we need him in our family.

It was a busy weekend with a snow storm, long work hours for daddy, swimming lessons and basketball games and preparations for the less than normal week ahead. But there was also plenty of time spent just celebrating this boy.

His birthday fell on a Sunday, and it provided the perfect and rare opportunity to skip church and drag the morning out before all of the festivities began. We treated the boys to a bowl of Lucky Charms - a favorite of Brandon's and something we don't ever keep in the house usually. It was a quiet breakfast at the table, their cheeks still flushed from sleep and the coziness of their beds and his bed hair in full effect. I love his bed hair and how warm his cheeks are when he first wakes up after sleeping on his tummy all night. He didn't believe me when I went into his room this morning and told him he was finally four. It took some convincing. And a bowl of his favorite cereal over birthday books.

Still a little sleepy. :)

I let him open just one present early, his biggest surprise still to come.

I love this picture. Typical Lucy in the background. Every time there's a gift bag around, it takes her about 30 seconds to dive in head first. There she goes...!

This kid loves play-doh, and combining it with cupcake and cookie and frosting molds proved to be a good choice. This provided an hour's worth of entertainment while we waited for Daddy to get home to start the party. A cup of coffee for mommy, Pandora playing in the background, and time to frost the real cupcakes while the boys played peacefully.

We spent the majority of the day celebrating with family. With pizza wraps and soup and purple frosted cupcakes that Brandon requested the day before.

Look at that static!

Brandon was a little moody at the beginning of the party. I think a result of a very busy few days, being tired and not always appreciating being the center of attention. In fact, it's kind of ironic that we had just read the book "Too Much Birthday" the night before. For a little while, he had the whole "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" look down perfectly.

But he got over it rather quickly and definitely didn't mind taking center stage when it was time to open presents!

A giant Ninja Turtle body pillow!

When all the presents had been opened, Mommy and Daddy surprised him with his very first big boy bike. A Ninja Turtle bike complete with training wheels and a seat that looks like a turtle shell. He loves it. We got Jaden a bike for his fourth birthday, too. Now if only the snow would melt.

He looks so stinkin cute on this thing.

Cody's parents found him the perfect helmet to compliment the bike. A Ninja Turtle helmet that comes with all four different turtle eye pieces so that he can choose which Turtle he wants to be on any given day. He chose Raphael... the red turtle seems to be his favorite lately.

Getting a little shy during "Happy birthday to you..."

Stay tuned for more pictures of the cupcake eating. Those pictures deserve a post all on their own, and I can't wait to share them!

He was getting really tired again by the end of the party so I decided some time with just Mommy was in order. I think this little boy has some of his mommy in him. Growing up an only child, I definitely need "me" time -- time for just myself. Time for quiet. I'm learning over time that this boy of mine needs a little of this, too. Time for quiet and peace. So while Jaden and Daddy went home for naps and movies, Brandon and I set out with his birthday money. We stopped at the Barnes and Noble cafĂ© for a treat, and then browsed the books for stories of Easter and Spring. Brandon found a Frozen book he wanted to buy with his own money, and it was so cute to watch him carry his money around and take care of everything at the cash register all by himself. He was so proud.

Mommy purchased a couple of books about raindrops and Easter and we then headed to Toys R Us. He held my hand through every aisle and settled on one more toy before heading home. It was just what we both needed. We had so much fun together.

Many more pictures still to come this week. Feeling very blessed after a fulfilling weekend and time with our wonderful family. Love this boy to pieces...