"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

our weekend // life right now

Lately I've been feeling like an Octopus with eight tentacles -- all parts of me getting tugged on from all different directions. Our activity calendar for the next month is completely full, I'm in the homestretch of planning another corporate teambuilding event in Dallas, the kids are keeping us extremely busy with activities of their own, I was the only parent asked to do an on-camera interview for the Leader in Me program at Jaden's school as his school is going through the steps to become a model campus for the program nationwide (no pressure or anything), and Cody's beginning his busy season, working extended hours and weekends. We have soccer three days a week, swimming three days a week, two school programs coming up, and my mental capacity to take it all in is pretty much maxed out.

After a stressful week last week, a week with bad news about a good friend one day and good news in our own home two days later, a week of shorter patience with my kids and probably one too many stops at the Starbucks drive-thru, I came to a decision on Friday afternoon to abandon all pre-conceived ideas of what needed to get done this weekend... and just go where our hearts desired to take us. So much of our time is scheduled right now -- right down to the 20 minutes we have to get from soccer to swimming two nights a week, that I decided we needed a weekend where nothing was scheduled, nothing was expected, nothing was structured. As these boys get older and our lives continue to get busier, I know that "free time" is going to start taking on a whole new meaning. I am bound and determined to embrace it and embrace my time with them while they are young.

Just a few images of our weekend...
...an impromptu Friday night movie night. A surprise stop at Family Video after daycare pickup with promises of not only picking out movies, but candy, too.

"did I say you could take my picture?"

...Saturday morning sunlight and this kiddo waking me up by climbing into bed with me and softly stroking my arm.

...a carefree Saturday with Dasher, swimming lessons, a nap for Mommy, a new book for Mommy, super yummy steaks on the grill and an after-dinner visit to Cherry Berry.

...a beautiful Sunday. Church, pizza for lunch, a Target shopping stop, a Sunday evening family gathering and lots of time outside. My camera loves taking pictures of these guys together.

...I sat back on Sunday afternoon and watched these two play outside for a long time. Peacefully blowing bubbles, singing songs to themselves, riding bikes and getting excited over the first signs of spring blooming up through the mulch. Brandon spotted the first sign of a flower blossoming and he couldn't wait to show me. And I just knew that it's these moments I'll look back on one day. The unplanned, unscheduled, carefree times that will come to mean so much in the years ahead. It's a busy week, and my mind is tired. But spring is good, life is good... and I love them so much.