"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our weekend prelude to summer

I knew it was going to be a good weekend when the boys and I saw a rainbow Friday night on our way home from trying out the new Pepperjack's Grill. We had just finished stuffing ourselves on rice bowls and corn dogs and picking out Ella's birthday gifts (and a bottle of Mr. Bubbles bubbles for ourselves), when the most beautiful rainbow filled the sky just over our house as we headed east on Greenhill Rd. It didn't last long but made all of us feel energized and excited for the weekend ahead. A weekend that (finally) was supposed to bring us nothing but beautiful weather.

The leaves on our trees have finally bloomed, creating the canopy over our house that we so love in the summertime. It provides just enough shade to keep us cooler on those hot days but lets just the right amount of sunlight in to catch some brown on our shoulders when we're sitting outside underneath it. Our deck is now full of colorful flowers, my legs have been sun-kissed and the boys literally crash into their beds at night, sleepy and happy and satisfied with days well spent. Life is good. And even better now that it seems as though summer is here to stay for a while.

Our weekend was extremely busy but in the best of ways. The kind of busy that leaves you feeling fulfilled and appreciative for life as it is right now. I think everyone has those moments... when you feel like you're just where you're meant to be and not sure how you could ask for much more. I love the ages our boys are at, I love being their mom and watching them grow and living life out through their eyes. And just as every season comes and goes and every chapter eventually ends, I know we can't stay where we're at forever, and the times will eventually change and usher in new growth and challenges and blessings. So I'm soaking it up right now and doing my best to notice every little thing about the place we're in now.

Saturday was a full day. We started it out at my mom's and dad's while Cody had to meet with some customers in the morning. The boys played with Dasher, who continues to grow into a beautiful little guy, and watered Nana and Papa's yard for a couple of hours. Dasher loves having the boys around, evidenced by the fact that he never ever leaves their side. Literally!

Brandon and Jaden took turns with a watering can and a squirt gun, and Dasher had fun sticking his head under every trickle of water that would pour out.

We went home to wait for Daddy to get done with work, ate some lunch on the deck and worked on Ella's birthday cards. We filled the driveway with chalk drawings and played basketball and catch with the football. Jaden loves to play catch and is really trying to work on his spiral. ;)

Much to the boys' excitement, Daddy brought the big mower home from work. Mowing the grass is an event around here, and the boys love to help. Brandon is getting better and more confident driving the tractor, and he took a little ride with Daddy on the mower before the blades were turned on.

After the grass was cut, we ventured out to finally pick out our flowers for the year. I've come to look forward to this process of selecting, planting, placing and watering, and now that it's completed I feel like our home is officially summer-ready. The picking out part is a bit of a challenge with Brandon along because he definitely has an opinion on what we should buy, but he also takes really good care of them once we bring them home!

The newest addition this year is our own little fountain Cody decided to put together when we were at Lowe's that afternoon. I thought the idea seemed a little silly for some reason but went along with it and am now in love with it. It creates the perfect natural background noise for those summer reads on the deck, a game of cribbage at sunset or when listening from the open kitchen window after the boys are in bed and all is peaceful. I love it, and I'm excited to watch the plants in it multiply and begin to bloom some flowers.

On Saturday night we headed over to Ella's house to help her celebrate her eighth birthday. The boys were  goofy as ever, and we all made our own personal pizzas followed up with Scratch cupcakes and rhubarb and strawberry pies for dessert.

And yes, Brandon is wearing a Cinderella dress. These pictures will be perfect additions to the graduation party displays years from now.

After church on Sunday, we visited Tim and Deanne's home so Cody could help Tim move their new kitchen cabinets out of the garage. We sat on their back patio with Subway sandwiches for lunch, watching Brandon and Jaden pull wagons around the yard, and then Jaden and I headed to soccer while Daddy and Brandon went to buy the fixings for our evening grill-out.


We spent Sunday evening hosting my parents for a cookout. Steaks, cheesecake, foil pack potatoes and fruit. I lit my new candles, the boys brought out their Ninja Turtles and cars and created roads and cities for them out of chalk, and Papa took them for a short walk on their bikes before it got dark.

A picture-perfect weekend with a holiday weekend to follow. I spent this morning with Brandon's preschool class at their park field trip to celebrate their last week of school. Next week I'll join Jaden for lunch on the lawn at his school to celebrate the end of his first full year of school, and we'll be purchasing our pool passes this week. Hello sweet summertime, we missed you.