"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gone Fishin'

This week we took the boys real fishing. They have been out to the water several times with their fishing poles or with Daddy with his, but this is the first time they've actually had real worms and bait on their own poles.

Daddy offered to take them out on Sunday afternoon in a nice attempt to give me some real time to myself (a rare treat for sure), but after watching them get ready to go, I couldn't resist tagging along to see how it all played out.

And even though Daddy had caught a couple of fish at this same spot just a few days before, we came home empty handed this time. I think Daddy was more disappointed than the boys were though. I was pretty impressed with how long they sat and waited at the river's edge just waiting for some action. And when they did eventually get tired of waiting, they entertained themselves in other ways while Daddy continued to cast his own pole. They found big sandy puddles to throw rocks and twigs into, Jaden found some worms to pick up and carry around and they even found some very large animal tracks to trace in the mud! I'm telling you, the stereotypes are true. Boys and dirt and worms = happiness.

I sat in my chair directly behind them and just kept chuckling to myself. They were so quiet most of the time and every once in a while, one of them would say something short and simple and the other would nod in agreement or give a little grunt. For some reason every time I see them sitting in chairs side by side - no matter where we are - I think of the Grumpy Old Men movies. And I envision these two brothers growing old together and acting just like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau!

It gives me such a happy feeling knowing that these special times and bonding experiences with each other and with their Daddy will come to be such an important piece of their childhood. And hopefully they'll continue to let me come along once in a while. ;)