"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, June 19, 2014

More from Father's Day

Saturday night we took the boys go-karting and mini-golfing. Jaden had ridden go-karts once last year when we were at Wisconsin Dells, but Brandon was too young at the time, and they wouldn't let him on (which caused quite the meltdown at the time). He has been wanting his chance for a long time and could not wait to get in one. And neither of the boys had ever been mini-golfing.

Of course just as we were heading out for the night, storms started brewing to our west and we were being chased by dark clouds all the way there. Once we got there, the winds picked up and the sky looked like it was going to completely dump on us. Cody and I discussed putting the fun off for another weekend, but the boys had been so excited, and I didn't have the heart to disappoint them so we went for it. We decided to do the go-karts first to make sure we at least got those in before it rained. I did not want Brandon to miss out on his chance again.

I just love looking at the pictures of Brandon in his seat. The steering wheel was taller than he was, and he could barely see straight ahead. He's still my little guy and that makes me so happy!

Jaden ended up getting really nervous beforehand, and I kept waiting for Brandon to get scared but he never did. And after one full trip around the track, Jaden fell in love with it, and Brandon was so quiet the whole time... almost like he was on a pleasure drive, taking in the scenery, wind in his hair.

We thought we would leave without mini-golfing since it started to thunder while we were driving on the track, but the boys really didn't want to leave so we decided to try to get nine holes in as fast as we could. And we ended up being able to golf the whole course! It was thundering the whole time, but we never got wet by more than a couple of quick sprinkles.

It was so fun watching the boys golf. Jaden actually did pretty well and surprised us all by how natural his form was... especially having never picked up a real golf club before. Brandon did not understand the concept entirely and kept trying to push the ball along rather than tap it, but it was so funny to watch him complete each hole. And he was always so excited to see the next hole and what the new challenges were going to be.

I see a lot of family mini-golf outings in our future. It's fun, very budget friendly and does not require any major pre-planning. (Except maybe a closer look at the forecast!)

...and a few pics from Sunday. We enjoyed a lazy morning at home, gave Daddy his cards and grilling presents, baked an angel food cake to go with our abundance of strawberries and met the families at our favorite park for some picnicking and playing. A good way to wrap up Father's Day weekend, of course.

The dads in our life. They're so tough.

We love you Daddy!