"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I love me a really good sunset. The kind that explodes in the sky and sets off all the colors of the rainbow. The kind that stops you in your tracks, forces you to pause and stare and notice the wonder of it all. The really good ones don't happen every night and you can't plan for them or anticipate them because you never know from night to night what you're going to get.

Last Friday night, I felt a longing to head to the water and watch the sun go down. I'm not sure why I felt it so strongly, but I called Cody late in the afternoon and told him we needed a night out under the sky. We fired up the grill for supper and ate my favorite simple summertime meal of hamburgers and onions and buns and pickles and corn on the cob, and then we headed out. I was getting anxious as rain started forming to the west and it started clouding up, and Cody told me on the drive that we probably weren't going to see much of a sunset at all.

He could not have been more wrong.

Of course in an effort to "keep it real" I should preface all the beautiful pictures by saying that our evening walk was anything but peaceful leading up to sun down. We first stopped at a very busy pond where our plans to skip rocks were immediately tossed aside due to an abundance of fisher-folk trying to catch their evening dinner, and I felt a little discouraged that our once quiet and favorite secret spot isn't so much of a secret anymore.

The boys got frustrated with us because we wouldn't let them throw rocks and/or have loud races up the boating ramp, explaining to them over and over again that they were scaring the fish away.

But our discouragement from our first stop ended up being a blessing because we changed our plans and drove north to a secluded lake surrounded by trees, a lot less fisherman and a few more kayaks who all seemed to have the same idea I did that night. I wasn't sure if our view would be as great here, but it turned out to be so much better.

Again, not such a peaceful start as the boys were insistent on having races along the trail that turned out to be flooded only several yards in. And as we passed over our favorite bridge, Daddy surprised everyone by pulling not one - but two - snakes out of the weeds.

I swear this man is like the animal whisperer. Everywhere he goes, they show up. Our famous snapping turtle incident of last year is well known, he once had a conversation with a chipmunk in our basement family room and just in the past week we have caught a tree frog in our backyard, found a tree frog IN our living room, had a beautiful deer hang out in our front yard and then discovered two snakes on our evening walk.

What these pictures don't show is the absolutely hysteric screaming from Nana Deanne in the background. That's who Jaden is smiling at here. I've never seen that side of her. ;)

After the snake incident, and after Nana forced Daddy to put the snakes back in the water, we spent the rest of the evening picking wild flowers and waiting for dark.

And though it took a little while and a little bit of patience, the sky finally started to golden...

Nana eventually left, but I could tell we were in for a treat. We headed back to the bridge... and were gifted with the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.

I feel as though we were given a front row seat to God Himself sitting at His canvas and painting us a picture that only His brush strokes could have created.