"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

this weekend, we...

...dipped ourselves into the pool for the first time this summer. I picked up our pool passes on Friday afternoon and surprised the boys after work by taking them directly to the Falls. We changed Brandon into his swimsuit in the daycare restroom, opted for a late supper and enjoyed the quiet crowds for a Friday night swim. The pool is a great way of comparing growth from one year to the next. Last year, Jaden was all over the place while Brandon was finally able to touch all the way through the zero-entry pool and was just getting himself comfortable with pool play. This year, Brandon was as adventurous as Jaden, able to climb, jump, slide and throw his head under water with the best of them. We floated the lazy river, went down the elephant slide over and over again and stopped halfway through for a pool-side snack. And when we got home from the pool late, Daddy had supper and warm baths waiting for us. In fact, I think even he was a little surprised at how late we stayed out because he ended up calling me asking me if we were ever going to come home. ;)

...Saturday morning Target date. While Daddy worked, the boys and I ran errands. A new fancy water bottle for Brandon from Target, some rainbow napkins we just had to have and a stop at the cafĂ© for a Mocha frappe for Mommy and Ninja Turtle juices for the boys. We ended up at Papa Bob and Nana Nancy's to play with Dasher, visited Papa Tim's and Nana Deanne's house to see their kitchen update and had a late lunch at Culver's complete with free scoops of ice cream and sprinkles with our kids meals. And I scored a Fall flower basket from a garage sale.

...Saturday afternoon, we went for a boat ride.

Let me tell you... this was quite the little adventure. We headed out with a full tank of gas in the boat and clear blue skies overhead. We packed a cooler filled with grapes and juices and water and sunblock. We had plans to explore the river in places we'd never seen it before and hoped to find little sand dunes along the way to pull up to.

Well first of all, the boys are still getting used to being on the water in a little fishing boat and while Cody and I like to open up the engine and get it going as fast as it can go, the boys are much more hesitant and actually panic whenever Cody speeds up. Our trip on the river was a juggling act between keeping them from being scared but also forcing them to get used to it, knowing that when they do, they will love it. Then... quite a ways into our journey west, I started noticing the sky getting really dark in that direction. I said something to Cody, and then we checked the radar on my phone. Sure enough we were heading straight into a wall of heavy rain and possible severe weather. No problem... we turned around to head back east toward blue skies and the boat ramp. The boys kind of knew something was up but we assured them all was fine. And then the motor died. In the middle of the river with a storm brewing behind us. We have a backup motor that had been fully charged and we knew that it could get us home. But it goes very slow and the skies were getting darker. And here's where it got really fun. Cody and I spent the rest of the trip spelling things out to each other so that the boys wouldn't get scared, staring up anxiously at the changing skies and laughing at the situation we were in. We were going at a snail's pace, the boys were finally getting comfortable on the ride and then a speed boat came past us, causing large ripple waves just as our boat ran over a log. Cody and I laughed. The boys panicked. And Cody spent the rest of the trip assuring them that we were completely safe and that he knew exactly what to do and how to take care of us. I told the boys the story of when I was young and boating on Clear Lake and our boat ran out of gas in the middle of the lake in the dark and how we had to be towed back to the shore by another boat. And myself... usually a little bit of a worry-wart... couldn't have felt more assured that we were indeed going to be fine. In fact, I loved our little adventure. And this is the true story of our family. Our adventures are never dull. Our days are never boring. And I'm married to a guy that can make my usually worrisome self feel completely safe and comfortable when things get a little wild. We made it back to the ramp safely, the storm never materialized over our heads, and the boat motor is currently getting fixed. And we already can't wait to do it all over again!

Jaden did eventually get comfy and loved using his life jacket as a pillow! ;)

When we got back to dry land, we skipped rocks in the river, found a huge deer bone on the side of the road and I learned how to pull the truck and boat trailer out of the water all by myself. He just might turn me into a fisher-woman after all! ;)

...Saturday night it finally rained and our plans for a fire were put on hold. I finished my mystery book, Cody made pasta and he and I watched the movie Gravity after putting the boys to bed.

...Sunday was a hot one. We went to church, made deli sandwiches for lunch, took Jaden to soccer practice and I scored a date with Brandon to the bookstore. The boys each had some specific book requests. Both of them are really getting into the Bernstein Bears so Brandon helped me choose which ones to add to our collection, I picked out some other summer reads and decided on a first chapter book for Jaden, The Magic Treehouse series. We're a few chapters in, and I think I'm getting them both hooked.

...Cody caught a fish on Sunday afternoon. And cleaned it for the boys before supper. On our driveway. It was lovely. ;)

...After the fish cleaning, it was grilled kebobs and an impromptu silly string fight before bed. I just happened to have two cans of it lying around... and still have no idea where they came from.

Happy June!