"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

our red, white and blue weekend

It was our best 4th yet. Thankful for this country of ours, the family we've been blessed with, and the God who made it all possible. We talked with the boys a lot this weekend about how blessed they are to live in the land they do. And then we showed them why.

Our 4th... broken down into a top-5 list.

1. We went fishing for the afternoon.

The weather was perfect and the sun was casting sparkly diamonds on the waters of our favorite lake.

We dropped our anchor for the first time, ate granola bars when we got hungry, and casted our poles for a bit.

When the fish refused to bite, still a little shaken up from the flooded waters just a few days prior, we went exploring. We finally traveled under the bridge that we normally walk across, chit-chatted with other fishermen floating by, laughed at the puppies in the kayaks and found pockets of this lake of ours that we'd never seen before.

It was the longest we'd ever been out on the boat as a family and other than getting a little hot, the boys did really well.

2. The morning of.

We readied our home for a party. It was a relaxing start to a holiday with the windows open, chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and putting little red, white and blue touches here and there. And the boys helped me bake a festive cake for Papa Bob's birthday. (The inside of the cake was red, white and blue, too!)

3. We threw a party.

It was the most beautiful evening. We grilled, snacked and drank an assortment of beverages and blew out birthday candles. We lit lots of sparklers, played basketball in the driveway and lit a fire after dark. We stayed up late, threw the boys into a bubble bath hours past bedtime and watched our neighbor's fireworks show from around our fire, cheering for them from a distance to show our appreciation. We had so much fun.

We caught fireflies. This was a huge bucket list item for me as our boys had yet to experience the excitement of fireflies. I used to love trapping them in our neighborhood as a kid. And the best part was when it got late into the night, after we had caught four or five of them, Brandon came up to Daddy and said it was time to let them go. Proud of my boy for that one. :)

4. We saw fireworks Saturday night.
We visited the petting zoo on the grounds before scoping out a place for our blanket and chairs. We drank smoothies and purchased glow sticks because you just have to and we watched as Brandon did perfect cartwheels in the grass and Jaden used his stick as a Power Rangers sword.

We fell in love with the smallest baby pig I've ever seen.

And the baby chicks.

And the baby kittens.

When the fireworks started, Jaden got excited over the really loud ones and Brandon told me every single one of them was his favorite one. Every. Single One.

5. We went to a movie in the theater when it rained and we slept in on Sunday morning until almost 10:00. We went to the pool Sunday afternoon and made a Mexican Pasta baked dish in the oven on Sunday night. We made memories. That is what's most important.