"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sturgis Love Part 2

Saturday morning... parade day. Ever since we heard my parents were going to be the Grand Marshals and lead the parade, we had plans for the boys to possibly ride in the parade with them. When we heard it was going to be in a horse-drawn carriage, we knew we wanted to make it happen. I had no doubt that Jaden would do just fine, but Brandon is always a question mark with things like this. I didn't mention it to Brandon until the week of, not wanting to make too big of a deal out of it and scare him off from the idea. We casually mentioned it to him one night over supper a few days beforehand, and he told us he wanted to do it. We told him what that would mean - that he would have to sit throughout the whole parade route, that he would need to be on his best behavior and wave and smile and stay in the carriage until the parade came to an end. I went into that morning with calm expectations, and he blew me away. They both did. We dressed them in their Panther gear per Papa Bob's request, and they both decided they wanted to wear their hats, too.

Brandon's latest thing... tilting his head for posed pictures... ;)

We really lucked out with weather the morning of. It was sticky but dry and variable clouds helped keep the heat at bay. And once we got to our designated spot on the parade route, the boys couldn't wait to get into the carriage and get the ride going.

The hardest part about that morning was waiting for the parade to actually start... and keeping the boys patient in the process. They were so anxious!

Once the parade got going, it went so fast. And the boys were parade stars. They waved the entire route and wouldn't even let my mom rest her hand during the parade, telling her she needed to keep waving! I was so very proud of them, and it was so fun to follow them along the route and watch my little boys being pulled through the streets of the hometown that means so much to me.

Since they were the start of the parade, once they were done we were able to watch the entire rest of the parade from our spot under the shelter reserved for the dignitaries. We had front row seats, shade, and access to free doughnuts, coffee and waters!

The rest of our weekend was just as good. We sent the boys off for a sleepover on Saturday night while Cody and I attended a surprise birthday party at the Brown Bottle. I wore a new dress, he wore a new shirt, I had a stellar hair night and we enjoyed an awesome dinner with friends. We took turns passing a friend's new baby around the dinner table for a couple of hours and then when that party was over, we spent the rest of the evening acting like college kids. We stayed out way too late laughing with friends, shut down the bar in the middle of the night and controlled the jukebox for hours on end. We didn't get a whole lot of sleep but it was entirely worth it.

We spent Sunday at the pool as a family... Cody's first time joining us at the Falls this summer. Jaden and I floated the lazy river together in a double tube, Brandon eagerly showed off all of his water tricks to Daddy, I went down the water slide per Brandon's request, and Jaden joined a basketball game in the bigger pool. We ended the weekend with a delicious Sunday evening grilled dinner, an early bedtime for the boys and Big Brother on the DVR and Dairy Queen before bed for Mommy and Daddy.

And now a holiday weekend to look forward to! Taking some time away from this blog for the rest of the week but will be back next week to share all of our fun from our 4th of July holiday. Wishing you all some sun, some fun and some fireworks this week!

They're my favorites. :)