"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the great pumpkin carving

Stopping by just to post a few pictures from our little pumpkin carving party this weekend. I'm falling behind on things around here, with Cody and I both battling colds over the weekend, and mine turning into a full-blown sinus infection that finally required a trip to the doctor last night and some new meds. I'm very much looking forward to a full night's sleep again at some point in the near future!

The forecast for the weekend was beautiful, and the general consensus is that this will be our last "hurrah" before Winter rolls in. Low 70's and sunshine in late October provided the perfect opportunity to visit a few open houses on a Sunday afternoon and messy our driveway with pumpkin seeds on a Saturday. We nursed our runny noses with a movie night and spaghetti squash on Friday, introducing the boys to E.T. with blankets on the living room floor, and comfy pajamas before supper. And we decorated our front stoop with jack-o-lanterns in preparation for Halloween week.

The boys and I threw together some quick and easy Pinterest-y treats and invited Ella over for some carving. These snacks were so easy and quick to put together, and I think the boys actually enjoyed watching them come to life more than the actual eating of them! (And of course they know nothing of Pinterest, so they just think their mama is the coolest and most creative lady on the planet). ;)

It's funny how things change from one year to the next. Last year, Jaden wanted nothing to do with diving his fingers into the pumpkins but Brandon couldn't get enough of it. This year was the exact opposite. Jaden absolutely loved the goopy mess on his fingertips, and Brandon took one handful and said, "Yuck! I am not doing THAT!"

Along with our traditional UNI pumpkin, Brandon specifically requested a pumpkin with bats on it. They studied bats for a week with Mrs. W in daycare this month, and it is amazing the knowledge this kiddo comes home with every night. He can tell me more about the anatomy of bats and the life cycle of a pumpkin than I could have ever told him!

Also tradition... we never use templates. Cody free-hands all of our pumpkins! ;)

And then Ella taught the boys how to use screw drivers to poke holes all over the pumpkins for the light to filter through. I think this was their favorite part... an excuse to use a screw driver and be destructive. ;)

The finished products!

Looking forward to my meds kicking in and feeling like myself again. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we have lots to look forward to. Including a new little punkin joining our family any day now. Very excited to meet our new niece!

Enjoy these last few days of October... it's been one of the prettiest in my memory. Before you know it, Christmas music will be blasted at every retail outlet and Peppermint Mochas will reappear on the Starbucks menus. I can't wait! ;)