"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

It was such a nice four days. It's not very often that both Cody and I are off work at the same time during breaks. And the boys seemed very happy to take in the rhythm of the holiday weekend and go with the flow of everything happening around them. Even though we kept pretty busy with lots of festivities and activities, we also found plenty of time to slow things down in our home. We've had this memory game for three years. This is the first time I've ever seen the boys pull it out.

Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve...

*early baths, PJ's and Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving around the Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving day...

*a slow morning. Cinnamon rolls, the Macy's parade on TV, pumpkin marshmallow pie prep and a stop at Papa Bob and Nana Nancy's.

*a day at Grandma Grayce's. Full bellies and a full day of little boy cousins wrestling on the living room floor and plenty of time to snuggle baby Ivy.

Black Friday...

*a day spent at Papa Bob and Nana Nancy's. Setting up their Christmas village, playing with Dasher and putting out the much anticipated Polar Express train. The boys took a trip with Papa Bob to Menard's for more fake snow and tiny battery-operated Christmas trees. And we avoided the crazy shopping day as much as possible.

*Holiday Hoopla Friday night...

We made the mistake of thinking we could eat an early dinner downtown Friday night. And even with call-ahead seating and the assurance we'd have a table, we never did get our dinner before we had to dash outside to avoid missing Santa. (And the chipmunk stage show - always Jaden's favorite part). The two free slices of pizza from Tony's for the boys saved the night, and I once again got choked up watching hundreds of little kids don their daddy's shoulders to sing a chorus of Santa Claus is Coming to Town before watching Santa make his grand entrance over our storybook Main St. Seriously - that single moment gets me every single year. Jaden loved the fireworks, Brandon loved seeing Elsa and Olaf and my dad reminded me once again, as we stood with our toes in the snow and watched colorful confetti explode over the river and the hundreds of people that were backing up traffic on First Street, "You won't ever find this in Dallas and Houston."

This is our home. And I'm most proud of it on nights like these.

We came home and warmed ourselves around the tree with new Christmas mugs filled with hot cocoa and Christmas storybooks before bed. Holiday Hoopla night... though it often times starts off a little frazzled as we battle the crowds... always ends up being one of my favorite nights of the year.


*Cody and I dropped the kids off with my parents and enjoyed a morning of Christmas shopping just the two of us. We very rarely get time to buy presents together and we had so much fun picking out gifts for the boys and eating lunch together. And I got almost everything crossed off my shopping list!

*Saturday afternoon was for gingerbread house making. Jaden put more candy in his mouth than he did on his house, and Brandon was still working on his long after the rest of us had stopped. And I just love how cute these two houses look in their bedroom now. The perfect handmade holiday d├ęcor.

*Saturday night... a playoff football game in the Dome. The Panthers won big to advance to the next round, Jaden had an absolute blast and ended up entertaining our whole section in the 4th quarter by turning around and shouting something up to my dad and Cody in the pressbox booth. Let's just say everyone was getting a little annoyed with the visiting marching band and Jaden finally shouted out loud what everyone else was thinking but wasn't saying. ;)


*playing hooky from church for the chance to sleep in, a UNI basketball game in the afternoon, the yummiest homemade chocolate chip mint cookies in our oven and one last Thanksgiving gathering Sunday night. It was a good holiday. We have a lot to be thankful for.