"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

7 Years of Jaden

We are exactly one week away from Jaden's 7th birthday and I've been spending some time this week thinking back on that January of 2008 and have really enjoyed looking back at some of these pictures that I haven't viewed in a really long time! A little trip down memory lane...


Brand New.
I've always thought this picture makes him look like a little porcelain doll...

1 month.
He slept like this quite often, and absolutely loved this bouncy seat for its vibrations and calming musical tones.

2 months.
Taken right before his first UNI football spring game...

3 months.
Today, this picture melts me. Look at that follow through with the tongue sticking out! To this day,  he sticks his tongue out when playing basketball!

4 months.
His very first taste of cereal and attempt at spoon feeding. He looks like his world was just blown a little bit, doesn't he? The kid is a food lover. :)

5 months.
Snuggles in our very old recliner in our very old apartment.

6 months.
To this day, one of my very favorite pictures, of all time.

7 months.
Very obviously getting plenty of food. I think that shirt's getting a bit too small, bud. ;)

8 months.
This picture still gets displayed in our living room every Fall.

9 months.
I remember this photo shoot well. He was just barely learning to stand up with support, and the photographer really wanted a shot of him standing. We were able to get a couple of really good smiling ones in between Jaden toppling over after every shot. But he stayed happy!

10 months.
The Christmas bear given to me in the hospital when I was born, Jaden holding his first Christmas ornament, and our first Christmas tree as newlyweds. We've come a very long way since then. This picture holds so much meaning.

11 months.
This $1 ball from CVS and Nana Deanne was his absolute favorite toy for about a year. Not at all an exaggeration.

1 year!
That spikey hair that will never be forgotten.

2 years.
His birthday party and a surprise visit from T.C. He absolutely loved T.C. back then, and I just love this look of adoration on his face.

3 years.
Again, that hair...

4 years.
Our first Chuck E. Cheese birthday. Bubble Guppy themed.

5 years. His first real basketball and Pizza Hut. His two favorite things.

6 years.
A kindergarten snow day... home with Mommy. And shoveling snow for Daddy.

(Almost) 7 years.
I see a growing trend here. There's a lot of basketballs in these pictures...

One week until 7. Wow.