"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

pictures from break

We had almost two full weeks together over the holidays. The boys were home from daycare and school, I was off work, and except for those couple special days celebrating Christmas and New Year's, we really had nothing on our schedule.

We filled our time with all of our new toys (I can't tell you how many Lego sets I put together), played a lot of board games, took a day trip to an indoor play palace, saw a movie in the theater one afternoon, went to some basketball games and stayed in our pajamas until Noon on most days.

Now that we're officially back in the swing of things, I feel good. We all seemed to be getting burnt out before our little vacation and I think we needed that time. But routine and structure works best for our family, and both boys went back to daycare and school without much fuss. It's just too bad we had to start setting the alarm clock again!

Some images of our relaxed time at home...

We kept Jaden active in his 1st grade work book to keep his thinking skills strong and exercised, we made sure Brandon was able to keep his creative juices flowing, and we watched a lot of movies.

We spent an afternoon at the library where Jaden navigated immediately to the sports section before settling in with computer games and Brandon was bold with the librarian, wanting her to get out all the pieces of a Christmas craft they'd presented two weeks earlier. She even had to track down the bulletin board that had the step-by-step instructions for a "wrapping paper tree." I love watching their minds at work and at play, so unique in their differences and passions. And I love the way Brandon's sweet little voice says, "Play with me, Mommy" whenever he wants some special one-on-one attention.

We shared some treats at Scratch, where Brandon informed me, "Mommy, this cupcake makes me feel like I love you 100 times big." I know the way to my boys' hearts...

We spent New Year's Eve finally celebrating Christmas with Cody's side. We ate, we drank a lot of wine, we opened presents, looked at yearly photo books and calendars and laughed quite a bit. And our new little niece is starting to smile at us all. I keep telling her she has no idea what she's in for with this group. ;)

When Daddy had to go back to work, I took the boys on a little road trip to one of my favorite places as a kid. We were needing something different, a day away from home and a chance to burn some energy. (Okay, truth be told... I could have been perfectly content to stay in my pj's again all day, but these boys of mine definitely needed to run and sweat a bit). ;)

Looking back at how crazy the final few months of 2014 were makes me tired. From nightly reading homework for Jaden to flag football to three unexpected work trips for Mommy to an always busy holiday season. We made it. The chalkboard in our kitchen right now reminds us that winter is a time for home. I'm hoping to take full advantage of that, to appreciate it without longing too much for spring and to try and feel as relaxed and normal as possible throughout this month of January. Because I'm not quite sure what normal is going to be looking like for us in 2015. But I'm ready to buckle up and enjoy the ride.