"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2015"

Jaden: Cabin fever might be settling in a bit more as he made some new decisions this week. I had asked him a couple of weeks ago what sports he wanted to do this spring and summer since we need to start registering for things and getting schedules lined up. He had decided that he was going to have to think about soccer, that he didn't want to do baseball at all this year, and that he wanted to focus mostly on football and basketball again next fall and winter. (No surprise there). He then said he didn't need to do swimming lessons either, but I told him that one was not negotiable. ;) However, just yesterday he told me he changed his mind and wants to do all the sports again. I would have been fine without soccer, but Cody and I are both pretty happy he is choosing to do baseball again. These cold days are really making us miss our summer nights spent at the ball diamonds last year!

Brandon: This is Brandon's face while watching his shows. We absolutely love watching his expressions while he watches his favorites. He either looks confused when watching or happy and his facial expressions are always changing and entertaining. A few other things for this guy this week. First of all, we think we're finally done with bedtime pull-up pants. Although he's been potty trained for two years, he was still inconsistent with wetting himself at night so he's been wearing pull-ups just for bedtime. But we forgot to get a new supply last week and decided to give underwear at bedtime another try again. So far, no accidents. However, a new set of problems has come with it. His internal body clock seems to wake him up now at 5:30 every morning alerting him that he needs to get to the bathroom to go potty immediately. I'm happy he's not wetting the bed, but wish he could go back to sleep for a bit after visiting the bathroom! His 5:30 alarm clock is now waking the whole house up at that time every morning, including Lucy, who seems to think that's the time she needs to start begging us for breakfast. Secondly, he's still talking a lot about the 10 Commandments learned last month at daycare. Today he came home with a drawing he'd worked on, and in his own hand writing was written, "Do not steal." I asked him what was in the picture. "A mommy stealing M&M's."  Not sure why that imagery popped into his head for this commandment other than the fact that Mommy is his favorite person and M&M's are his favorite candy. I do a lot for him but stealing M&M's is not part of the deal. But... whatever works to make the idea stick in his head?! Third, he turns the big five in a little over a week and the night following his birthday we are attending Kindergarten parent informational meetings. It's gettin' real now.