"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2015"

Jaden: I tell people he's seven going on 17. He's growing up at rapid speed and with that has come a whole new set of parenting challenges, but also joys. We're hearing more often again how tall he is and how old he looks for his age, and people are often surprised to hear that he's only in 1st grade. This look on his face is one we get a lot, as he's testing us and his own independence. But it's also so fun to watch him spread his wings and watch his passions grow. He's never without a ball in his hands, and one of my favorite parts of life right now is watching he and Cody play one-on-one together out in the driveway almost every night. He's having a great second semester in school with his reading skills improving immensely and his love of math surprising all of us, including his teacher. As far as I'm concerned, this kid can be and do whatever he sets his mind to when he gets older. Right now our biggest challenge is just reminding him to have fun. That he doesn't have to be Michael Jordan at seven years old, and that the most important attribute to have as an athlete and a teammate is a positive attitude and good sportsmanship. I tell him that these things start at home. By being a good brother and a good son. It's a work in progress, but that's what Mommy and Daddy are here for. I think it's going to be a fun ride with him. I feel so honored to be the mama with the front row seat.

Brandon: Oh this boy. He is so strong willed and so fiercely stubborn and opinionated. But with the softest, sweetest side to him that just makes all the frazzled moments dissipate with a mere hug or kiss or head on my shoulder at bedtime. He has been asking a lot of questions lately about what his life will look like when he's grown. I'm not sure where it's coming from - maybe the fact that he knows he's starting school soon or maybe this whole housing process we're going through - but he asks us often if he will still get to live with us when he's grown. If he will have to buy his own house or if he can stay with me forever. I tell him he'll eventually need to buy his own house, and that when he's older he will want to, but that we'd be happy to have him buy the house right next door. ;) And when you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up? A daddy. He just wants to be a daddy. I think we can work with that.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tulips and Easter Eggs

With the house on the market, my normal seasonal decorating routine has been put on hold. Some of our d├ęcor is in a storage unit, some of it is boxed away in our basement, and we're trying to keep things as clutter free as possible. Brandon's been pretty disappointed that I haven't put out any of my spring and Easter decorations this year, and well, I don't blame him! So this past weekend, just to satisfy our needs a bit, we went to the store together and purchased a bouquet of pink tulips and then came home and colored some eggs. It's still not our complete normal... but that's life so far this year. We're learning to roll with the punches and find satisfaction and contentment in the day to day challenges and changes and uncertainties.

...as you can probably see, I had a lot of fun taking pictures of those tulips. ;)

TGIF (you have no idea)... happy weekending!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


"a portrait of each of my children, once each week, in 2015"

Jaden: Working on some school work and learning about verbs and subjects and predicates before heading back to school after Spring Break week. He had so much fun with his friends at daycare all week that I didn't have to feel guilty at all that I didn't take any time off while he was off. He was exhausted every night from playing basketball and football all day long, and he's definitely ready for a summer spent at the pool and with his buddies.

Brandon: He requested his easel on the deck this weekend after we came home with a bouquet of pink tulips. He felt inspired to draw his own tulips out in the sunshine while wearing his new birthday sunglasses. He tunes the world out when he is busy creating, and I just love watching him in this place.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring: First Images

Though the last couple of days have been a littler overcast and cooler again, we were gifted with some above average temperatures in the past week, some sunshine and some chances to open up the windows, fire up the grill and reconnect with our deck. We even reached 81 degrees on Monday! Even though the temperature dropped 35 degrees the day immediately after, we'll take what we can get, knowing a fresh start is coming. That's spring right? She giveth, she taketh away.

Some ways we've kicked off this new season... We were so in need of some fresh air and some fresh perspective.

...lots and lots of basketball. My little Michael Jordan has been called inside after dark several nights over the last two weeks after spending hours at a time with his ball and his hoop. I can't tell you how many times that ball has taken a bad bounce into our creek, but we're getting pretty good at fishing it out. Even Brandon has come down with a little bit of his own basketball jones, using our smaller UNI ball to practice his shot. Even with a severe height disadvantage, he has banked his fair share into the hoop!

...bubbles! I'm not sure there's a more tell-tale sign that kids are so happy to break free of their four walls and explore again. At the end of the day, bubbles never fail.

...red light, green light with our bikes. Somehow this game always turns into a giggle-fest for these two.

...cold coffee drinks, freshly manicured nails and a couple of meals off the grill. That first steak tasted so, so good.

...baseball practice. Brandon has some natural hitting abilities and we're still hoping he gets over his fear and shyness and asks us to sign him up for t-ball this summer. He always hits the ball into the neighbor's yard across the street, and Papa Bob learned the hard way one night not to park his car so close to our driveway when the baseball bats are out!

...spring programs. Jaden had one last week, Brandon has one in a couple of weeks.

...chalk. You can tell we have the Panthers on the brain when the boys covered half the driveway in a picture of a basketball court and the Dome roof.

...a stop at Scratch for some St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. St. Patty's day kind of came and went this year without much focus on it at home, but a late afternoon showing at the house provided the perfect opportunity to pick the kids up early and take them out for a treat.

Hoping for more signs of spring in the near future. Brandon has started swimming lessons, Jaden starts next week, we've got Easter egg hunts on the calendar, and a whole lot of basketball to watch this weekend...

They look so grown-up here.