"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday, Brandon

You are five years old today! How is this possible?! You have been so excited for this birthday, and I just feel so lucky to be the one that gets to watch you in all your excitement. I love being your mom, and I can't say that enough. You are such a special little person, so uniquely you, and we adore you!

What we love about you at five years old...

...how you say you want us to give you a bath. "Mommy, I want you to take me a bath."

...how when you're sad with tear-stained cheeks, my singing still comforts you as it did when you were a baby. And you request the same songs I used to sing when you were an infant. You are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves Me -- your two favorites.

...how you run full speed at me when I get to daycare at the end of the day. If I arrive when your class is still in the gym, you go into a full sprint just to reach me. And you yell, "Mommmyyyyy!!!!" the whole way. :)

...how you still jump into my arms knowing I will catch you.

...how you cuddle up as close as you can get during bedtime stories.

...how you're already getting into chapter books. We might have to find an extra room at the next house just for books. We have quite the collection going, but I'm so proud of your thirst for knowledge.

...how you love to learn and love preschool and love to show off your smarts at the end of every day by telling us all the facts you've picked up while you've been at school.

...how much you love the outdoors and the pretty things in nature. The flowers, the sky, the sunsets and even the dandelions. We don't dare call them weeds. ;)

...how you are completely your own person and make no apologies for it. You don't follow the crowd, you follow the beat of your own heart.

...how you tell us every day that you love us so much but love God most of all.

...how you have shown jealousy when Daddy or Mommy is holding your baby cousin Ivy, but then you say to us, "But I still love Ivy."

...how you LOVE holidays and birthdays and special days... no matter how big or small.

...how you love to help me bake and how you giggle when you watch me use the mixer to stir up cookies or cupcakes.

...how you giggle when you're so happy or excited that you don't have any words to express it. You simply get the giggles and your cheeks flush a little bit.

...how much you laugh at your big brother. No one gets you giggling like he does. And he feeds off of it so much. Your laughter encourages him to be as goofy and ridiculous as possible. You guys are too young to realize the significance of it right now, but it's something special to watch.

...how much effort and care you put into your artistry. It surprises us on a weekly basis the things you come up with, whether it's drawings or art projects. You have a talent and such creativity, and I am amazed by you.

...all these things and so many more embody everything that makes you so special. You captured my heart the minute Daddy held you up next to my face after you were born on that crazy and surprising morning five years ago. And you capture my heart every day still. Last night the four of us sat around the computer and watched old videos of you... some I had forgotten I even had. We laughed and yes, I cried a little, as we remembered what you were like as a baby and a one year old. In the blink of an eye, look where you are now.

I love you buddy, more than you'll ever know.