"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring: First Images

Though the last couple of days have been a littler overcast and cooler again, we were gifted with some above average temperatures in the past week, some sunshine and some chances to open up the windows, fire up the grill and reconnect with our deck. We even reached 81 degrees on Monday! Even though the temperature dropped 35 degrees the day immediately after, we'll take what we can get, knowing a fresh start is coming. That's spring right? She giveth, she taketh away.

Some ways we've kicked off this new season... We were so in need of some fresh air and some fresh perspective.

...lots and lots of basketball. My little Michael Jordan has been called inside after dark several nights over the last two weeks after spending hours at a time with his ball and his hoop. I can't tell you how many times that ball has taken a bad bounce into our creek, but we're getting pretty good at fishing it out. Even Brandon has come down with a little bit of his own basketball jones, using our smaller UNI ball to practice his shot. Even with a severe height disadvantage, he has banked his fair share into the hoop!

...bubbles! I'm not sure there's a more tell-tale sign that kids are so happy to break free of their four walls and explore again. At the end of the day, bubbles never fail.

...red light, green light with our bikes. Somehow this game always turns into a giggle-fest for these two.

...cold coffee drinks, freshly manicured nails and a couple of meals off the grill. That first steak tasted so, so good.

...baseball practice. Brandon has some natural hitting abilities and we're still hoping he gets over his fear and shyness and asks us to sign him up for t-ball this summer. He always hits the ball into the neighbor's yard across the street, and Papa Bob learned the hard way one night not to park his car so close to our driveway when the baseball bats are out!

...spring programs. Jaden had one last week, Brandon has one in a couple of weeks.

...chalk. You can tell we have the Panthers on the brain when the boys covered half the driveway in a picture of a basketball court and the Dome roof.

...a stop at Scratch for some St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. St. Patty's day kind of came and went this year without much focus on it at home, but a late afternoon showing at the house provided the perfect opportunity to pick the kids up early and take them out for a treat.

Hoping for more signs of spring in the near future. Brandon has started swimming lessons, Jaden starts next week, we've got Easter egg hunts on the calendar, and a whole lot of basketball to watch this weekend...

They look so grown-up here.