"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend, 2015

Our Easter weekend was filled with so much good. I'm staring at this blank canvas of a white blogger screen, and I'm not even sure where to begin. We needed these days. We needed our family and our traditions and the sunshine and the singing birds. We needed the beautiful church service and powerful worship songs and the beautiful family pictures and the kids in their Easter best and yes - even the chocolate and the pies and the countless egg hunts. We needed it all because even though 2015 has brought so many blessings already, it also has brought a lot of stress. And we need these moments where our cups overflow to remind us why we work so hard at this parenting stuff and this family stuff and this day-to-day grownup life stuff. They say He always gives us exactly what we need in His perfect timing. Indeed.
Daddy had to work for just a few hours Saturday morning so the boys and I kicked off our weekend with a morning at Nana Nancy's and Papa Bob's. While Papa watched the boys for a bit, Mom and I visited the Barn Happy Spring Open House. I found a surprise gift for a summer holiday and sipped on my latte the whole drive back where we then enjoyed the sunshine on my parents' front driveway with chalk and bikes and Dasher on his yard leash. Daddy came to grab the boys, and I then spent the afternoon in Aplington for cousin Molly's twins baby shower. We took turns passing baby Ivy around, and Cassi and I had uninterrupted girl-talk in the car the whole way there and back.

I came home early evening and immediately went shopping for groceries for some Easter cookies, feeling a little bit hurried to get everything done for the day after. And as I was carrying bags in from the car, I was stopped dead in my tracks on the deck steps as I looked to my left and found this. My boy, in his Superman shirt and cape, digging in the dirt. My few moments of stress were erased as I watched him dig and dump and dig and dump with his mismatched shorts, crooked super hero cape and tousled hair. He is a picture.

Like the year before, we had promised the boys a Saturday Easter egg hunt in our own yard. We coaxed them inside for a while before supper while Cody and I took our time hiding near 40 eggs around our corner lot.


After the egg hunt, Brandon helped me bake some made-from-scratch chocolate Easter cookies filled with candy-shelled chocolate eggs. It was my first time with this recipe, and it will have to be an Easter tradition from now on. These were so good and there weren't any leftover after taking them to Grandma Alda's on Sunday. Brandon cracked the eggs into the mixing bowl for the first time and made an absolute mess of himself licking the beaters.

We ended our Saturday night with the boys' first viewing the Wizard of Oz on TV and some late work for Mommy helping the bunny fill those baskets.
More to come from Easter Sunday...