"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, June 26, 2015

happy things // summer edition #1


//Jaden's been taking an interest lately in watching Daddy cook. Whether it's in the kitchen or on the grill. Maybe his future wife will be lucky like me and have a husband that pretty much runs the kitchen? ;)

//outdoor art projects and game nights. We spend as much time on our deck as possible and love the nights when each kiddo picks a game and we clear the supper dishes and play games outside until bed.

//we put fresh mulch down all over the yard and the boys had a blast helping Daddy fill his new mulch blowing machine. This was a bigger project than I had anticipated, and there they stood the whole time on the back of his truck, refilling and keeping the work flow moving!

//this is definitely a happy time of year for Brandon. We have some flowers and plants in our yard that are later bloomers, and he is always the first to spot when a new flower is growing, and he never fails to race inside to grab me by the hand and drag me out to see it for myself.

//if it's not raining, I'm almost always working outside. One of my favorite perks of working from home. You don't have to worry about having an office with a window view... when your office is outside!

//ice cream bites in our pajamas after a night at the pool. I love our pool-night routines. A picnic supper somewhere near the pool, a couple of hours of swimming, home in time for warm baths and fresh pajamas and a story before bed. These nights mark our summers more than anything.

//we stopped for sno-cones on the way home from daycare on one of the first truly hot and sticky nights of the summer. Brandon chose cotton candy flavored, Jaden chose a mix, and this fulfilled one of Brandon's most important bucket list items. He'd been asking all winter for that sno-cone stand to open up again.

//squirt gun bike washes. Easy entertainment. All their idea.

//I'm working on giving the boys more responsibility around here. Jaden makes his own bed every morning. Brandon gets the mail every night. He takes his job very seriously.

//dipping freshly picked strawberries in chocolate and leftover sprinkles. It kept them busy while waiting for supper (always a tricky hour of the night) and tasted really good for dessert after.
 Other happy things...
//we finally got a Netflix account (not sure why we waited so long). We don't make much time for TV in the summer, but we're enjoying some new show options during the season of re-reruns!
//flip-flop tan lines. We all got 'em.
//UNI basketball camp for Jaden. He had an absolute blast and received a really nice camp-evaluation at the end from one of the players. My favorite comment, "Coaches love players like you!"
//grilled food all the days
//just the four of us and our boat out on the water whenever we get the urge. Last night Cody teased the boys that there was an alligator in the lake. He had them going for a while and even when I finally spilled the beans that Daddy was just teasing, they asked to keep the "game" going on longer. I'll share pictures sometime.
//the four year old neighbor boy across the street that is quickly becoming a buddy. The other night he came over to shoot hoops with the boys, and everyone ended up staying up past their bedtime on a "school" night. Watching the kids play together until dark reminded me of my sweet neighborhood growing up and how we never wanted to hear our moms call us inside...
//Brandon when I picked him up from daycare the other day, "My friend pushed me today and it made me bleed. At nap time, I told her I forgive her. Because God forgives me." ...proud Mommy moment.
//getting a job promotion. We haven't gotten everything we prayed for this year, but I believe there's a reason and that God is showing His hand in the timing of everything. We'll get there. We are getting there.
//plans for parades and carnivals and time off work and fireworks and sparklers and family time and celebrations. Looking forward to this next week and hoping that Sturgis Falls and 4th of July weekends coming and going doesn't speed up summer like it so often does...
Happy Friday!