"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, June 5, 2015

Memorial Day '15

It's always a major let-down to me when summer holidays are crippled by a rainy forecast. That was our outlook for Memorial weekend this year, and I went into the weekend with tempered expectations and plans for rainy afternoons spent in the movie theater and maybe some chocolate chip cookie baking in the oven - for comfort food of course.
However, we were pleasantly greeted with only one day of rain the whole weekend, Sunday, in which we did indeed take the boys to see a matinee - Disney's Tomorrowland. We were able to spend all day Saturday outside working on our yard, the boys having a blast helping Daddy with his new mulch blower machine, and then enjoyed and an impromptu picnic on Memorial Day Monday after the skies cleared right at about 11:00 that morning. It was the fastest we've all ever planned an outing like this. We didn't even have meat to grill so we picked up some KFC, some chips and salsa and some beverages and drove around caravan style through our favorite pretty spots in this town of ours until we found an open picnic table. Luckily George Wyth has lots of them.
Pictures of our day...

We spent the afternoon eating and drinking, playing Kan Jam and sprawling out on picnic blankets under shade trees before heading to Big Woods Lake to get Papa Tim's new fishing boat out on the water. And from there, we came home with a new family member... ;)
The cousins had so much fun on the boat that as we stood on dry land by the boat ramp, we could actually hear Brandon's giggle from a long distance away without even being able to see them! They had a blast splashing each other and looked like they had all fallen in the water by the time they got back to dry land. :)


They don't look like father and son at all. Love this picture. ;)

The three of them, plus my sweet five year old, keep me on my toes all the time! Lots of trouble in that group... lots of laughter. And maybe a few gray hairs eventually. ;)

First time with the fishing poles this year!

And just as we were packing up to head home at the end of the day, the pastor from the boys' daycare spotted us and brought over the smallest baby turtle he had found at the end of the road. He was worried he was going to get run over and had rescued him. This turtle looked as though he had just hatched, and Cody couldn't bear to part ways with him. So we brought him home, named him Crush (from Finding Nemo, one of our favorites) and spent the night making a cozy new home for him in the boys' room. Cody went to the river by our house and collected sand and rocks and small logs to put in his new tank. And though Lucy-cat still questions our decision to bring another animal into the house (she actually gets jealous of a turtle), we all love the little guy.

Can you spot him? :)

Happy Friday! Looking forward to some live music this weekend, some time at the pool, and the boys' first real boating experience on the lake. Long live Summer!