"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

take me to the water...

A couple Saturday nights ago (I'm a little behind on blogging), we made a familiar visit to one of our favorite local water spots. I'm not sure what it is about water that pulls us to it - I know it's true for most people - but we often feel drawn to it on days and nights when we have nothing else to do, and skipping rocks or feeding geese or taking a casual boat ride always sounds like the best idea. It was a Saturday night where we all felt exhausted from the week leading up to it and my first thought at the end of supper was to throw the kids into the tub, tuck them into bed and catch up on our DVR before going to bed early. But the night was beautiful - the tail end of spring with subtle reminders in the air that summer wasn't too far off. There was a calm breeze, a peaceful sky, and I never have to do any convincing when I ask if anyone wants to go skip rocks at the pond. We love these late evening drives out to the water with our windows down, our tummies fed and no urgency to be anywhere other than where we are.

When you have small boys in tow (and their daddies), everything becomes an adventure. Rock skipping, snail catching, and shell collecting can drag on for hours, and I just love to hang back and take it all in.

And then just as we were getting ready to leave and call it a night, the geese flew in. With babies. And Daddy found a few slices of fresh bread just lying there in the grass, perfect for feeding.

Love this moment captured of big brother guiding little brother's eyes to the baby geese. They sure have their rough moments but their bond is strong...

We had so much fun this night. Joy doesn't have to be complicated - sometimes all it takes is togetherness, some water and rocks and a few slices of bread.

Daddy cleaned the boat out last night. We're going to spend our summer on the water.