"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our 4th of July, continued...

We woke up on the morning of the 4th, piled into the van, picked up donuts and juice, and headed out for breakfast by the lake. I always think it's best when we can start off a holiday with some down time and a slow agenda, just the four of us.

We ate our food, skipped some rocks, chased the geese and picked wildflowers that would later come in handy. It was a beautiful and peaceful morning - one we made the most of before heading home and getting our house ready for a party.

We spent the afternoon baking a birthday cake for Papa Bob, doing some minimal decorating, mowing the yard and making birthday cards. We weren't expecting guests until late afternoon, and the pace of it all was just perfect.

The wild flowers Brandon picked ended up working out perfectly for our kids table - making sure the $1.00 Walmart tablecloth Brandon selected didn't blow away. ;)

Our families came over for grilled food, water balloon fights, sparklers and birthday candles. We played until dark before heading to fireworks that night.

The fireworks show was fun, but it was the beforehand that I enjoyed the most. The adults gathered together in lawn chairs and on picnic blankets, adorned the kids with red, white and blue glow bracelets, purchased strawberry smoothies and giant bags of kettle corn from the food vendors, and enjoyed watching the cousins run around together under a darkening sky, dancing with the lightning bugs that were celebrating all around us. Brandon caught one in his hand that he refused to let go for about a half an hour leading up to the show until we convinced him that the only way we could really enjoy it was to let it go free.

The sky lit up just about the time that the kiddos started getting sleepy. We cuddled together and watched the confetti explode in the sky as other families and their littles danced around with sparklers below. It was a good 4th, and I'm already praying for more of the same weather next year.