"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Labor Day weekend on the river

Back in July, I documented a very fun day with family and friends on a stretch of river we'd never visited before. We gathered our multiple fishing boats, packed swimming suits and beverages and hot dogs for roasting on the beach. We met up with other friends and their new pontoon boat and had one of the best days of summer. And by the end of that day, my father-in-law decided that he wanted to buy a pontoon himself. A boat the whole family could ride on, a boat that could be used for tubing and fishing and countless summer weekends spent on the water. He decided to look into it that day - with hopes of finding something by next summer.

He found his boat that night on Craig's List and brought it home a couple of weeks later. And on Labor Day weekend we took it out as a whole family for the first time - cruising just a bit east of our house, sailing off from a boat ramp just two minutes from a sandbar. And it was once again, one of the best of days.

The kids were eager to swim and the adults were eager to drink so we beached it pretty quickly, and it didn't take long for other pontoons and fishing boats to join us. We created our own Party Cove right there on the Cedar, where the kids splashed around with other kids and their dogs, a neighboring pontoon fired up his grill for us and Ivy dipped her toes in the river for the first time. Cassi, James Cody and I made plans for next summer and what kind of tube we'll purchase for all the cousins to ride in together, and it was one heck of a way to say goodbye to our summer.

Though the Fall and holiday seasons are upon us and filled with so much good, I know we'll need these pictures to keep us warm through the long months of January and February. We'll have a lot to look forward to when summer comes around again.

Thanks Papa Tim! :)