"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Day at Lost Island

One of our summer bucket list items this year was heading to the award-winning and nationally recognized water park just 10 minutes from our own home. I visited Lost Island myself years ago, right after it had opened, but it has grown tremendously since those days and we had yet to get our boys there. I was waiting until I knew they were both old enough to get a full-day's enjoyment out of it, but they have been begging to go ever since we visited its mini-golf courses one evening last summer. I wanted to go during a time when I thought it would be less busy so I saved it for a week day during our last week of summer break when half of the area schools were already back in session.

We set our plans for a Wednesday and then nervously watched the forecast for a week leading up to it, as Fall decided to make an early appearance bringing us really cold nights and super windy and chilly days. I am not ashamed to say that I prayed viciously for good weather and some sunshine and lo and behold, my prayers were answered. The wind settled during the late evening hours beforehand, the clouds parted the morning of and we reached a comfortable mid-to-high 70's shortly after park opening hours. It wasn't hot by any means, but comfortable, and despite the frigidly cold water temperatures, we did indeed make a full day of it. Though the water was freezing, there was so much to do that once we plunged into it, we barely noticed the temperature. And -- my timing was spot on. We waited in lines for nothing and even had the wave pool and kids pool completely to ourselves half the day!


We spent most of our time in the wave pool, and I had forgotten how much I loved wave pools as a little girl. Jaden loved floating on the tubes at the deepest end, while Brandon was content to stick to the shallower waters.
We also spent quite a bit of time in the larger kids pool, enjoying the climbing ropes and floaties most of all, but also having fun with the basketball hoops and Jaden's favorite slide - that extended out through the cave-like structure at the back of the pool. And then there was the tree house with water slides that book ended our day both morning and late afternoon.
Lots of pictures...

We were able to get Jaden on just a few of the bigger slides - the body slides and the family raft ride, but Brandon was much more content to stick to the slides and pools more his size, and Jaden absolutely would not do the water coaster with me. However, because there were no lines, my dad and I rode that water coaster numerous times, even staying on it a couple of times in a row without getting off at all. And - I even got my mom to go on it with me once by telling her it was a "tame" ride. I might have fibbed a little. ;)

We had a fun day.