"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welcoming September

I've been saying lately that I'm convinced Heaven will have Septembers. At least the Iowa kind. There is no season I love more than this one we're in. Where we get a mix of gold sun sets at night and the purest blue skies during the day. When the open windows provide fresh air throughout the house and comfort food finds its way back to our stoves and ovens. When the familiar smell of our favorite scented candles take us back to memories of past Fall seasons, and every time I melt a new brick of Black Raspberry Vanilla from my Fall and Winter Scentsy order, I'm reminded of that first cold season in our new house several years ago. When Jaden was just learning to navigate our steps and Brandon was growing in my belly. We feel a sense of urgency in the Midwest to spend as much time outdoors as we can because we all know what's coming next. And so we appreciate what we have now even more. And I just love how cozy our deck feels with all the hay bales, pumpkins and lanterns scattered about - and the little baby pumpkins providing the perfect center piece to our table. 

We first welcomed in the start of this new season with a heat wave and more reasons to dip our toes in the water and grill on the beach over Labor Day weekend. But by the time the second weekend of the month rolled in, things were feeling a little bit more like pumpkin weather. We've had a beautiful few weekends around here. And I'm a little behind on sharing.

So... taking you back to almost two weeks ago. It was a crisp Friday night, and the stores had just put their pumpkins on display. The boys and I picked out a few, decorated our deck just so, and packed our car for the morning tailgate festivities the next day. It was the perfect kickoff to a perfect weekend.

We woke up the next morning, excited for a day full of football. Jaden's first game of the season with Daddy as assistant coach and little brother content and happy to play with the other younger siblings along the sidelines. Jaden scored a dramatic touchdown to grab his team the win in overtime, and it was the best the Chargers had looked since starting practices three weeks prior!

Watching the game before theirs. :)

We then raced from one football game to another, heading up to the UNI-Dome for the Panthers' first home game of the season. We are lucky to have a parking spot in the perfect tailgating area every year, and Jaden's friends and teammates joined us for chicken wings and cookies and more football play in the parking lot with the Dome as our backdrop.

We headed inside for the game, where Daddy watched from his booth in the press box, once again fulfilling his duties of spotting for my dad again this season, and we watched from just below them in our seats at the 50-yard line. Our friends bought last-minute tickets just a few rows behind us, and all the kids sat together, happy and entertained for four full quarters. It was a fun one with a big Panther win, and we spent time on the field afterwards where Jaden got a high-five and a hello from Sawyer Kollmorgen, our quarterback that recognizes Jaden as one of his biggest little fans every single year.

A few phone pics of our day. It was a fun one.

We then left the Dome and headed to my parents' house to watch the Iowa/Iowa State game on TV and chat with neighbors out on the sidewalk until dark.

And as we were heading home, the sunset was too cool to miss. We drove up to the park behind my parents' house and parked up on the hill until the sun dipped below the horizon. We drove home with windows down and music up, sleepy and happy from a very full day.

After church on Sunday morning, we spent the whole afternoon boating with Papa Tim. I say it so often, but it still amazes me that there are views I've never seen from the town I've lived in all my life.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to be on the water. The boys ate puppy chow and drank juice boxes, pretended to be pirates on the lookout, and we felt at times like we weren't even in Cedar Falls, as we gazed at the beautiful homes high up on the hills overlooking the river banks.

We got back to the dock just in time to see the train chugging along on the train tracks directly across the river from us, and the boys quietly sat and watched the whole thing go by - engine to caboose.

We went home for a quiet afternoon of football and crafts and enjoyed Chicken Wild Rice Soup from the crock pot for supper, climbing into our beds with full tummies and hearts.