"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

happy things // fall love

//early Saturday morning flag football games. A stop for Starbucks and juice and cookies and a little brother all bundled up on crisp Fall mornings or coloring pictures with other little siblings and reuniting with daycare buddies on the sidelines. There's no better way to start our weekends than on these football fields with our teammates and families.


//the warm mid-afternoon September sunshine and afternoons at one of our favorite parks by the river. While Brandon played on the slides, I played a game of catch with Daddy and Jaden. Our afternoon stretched on care-free to include a walk by the river and a stop at the dam. How do you know when Brandon's happy? When he literally skips to everywhere he's going.


//pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Just like last year.


//random Saturday night fireworks - just because our town continues to grow and some businesses wanted to pool their money together to celebrate. How do you know you live in a good place? When businesses want to reward the community with fireworks on a September Saturday night for really no specific reason. The fireworks were literally right outside my aunt and uncle's new house, and it was the most beautiful crisp fall night for a sky show. We bundled up in sweatshirts, planted our chairs on their driveway and gathered together for a little celebration. My aunt and uncle's friends shared their gummy worms with Brandon, Jaden watched football with my uncle until it was time for the fireworks to start, and their 70-ish year old friend brought his own fireworks to the party. The kinds you have to cross state lines to buy. :) They live on a dead-end street, and there this man stood with nothing but a flashlight in the ditch to light his way. He set the fireworks off for no one other than himself (and Brandon), and I told Cody later that I hope I'm still buying gummy worms and fireworks when I'm 70. :) And when the real show started? It was better than any we'd ever seen on the 4th of July. And right above our heads! It felt like the whole display was meant only for us.

//deck hangs with my favorite pair of gray leggings, a new book, a 5:00 cup of coffee or a chai tea latte and our white lights and baby pumpkins surrounding me to set the mood. I've been determined to find more little pockets of time like these. Mama's deserve them.

//staying outside on a school night until dark. The smell of our neighbor's backyard fire. How loud the squirrels sound in the trees above us as they drop their acorns repeatedly on our garage roof. The boys swinging and playing catch. And our friend on the police force driving by our house in his squad car - with his windows down and a stop by the driveway to say hi to the boys. They thought it was pretty cool.

//pumpkin spiced cheesecake scented candles. Salted Caramel Mochas at church. And a homemade jar of Pumpkin Spiced Vanilla sugar scrub for the bathtub.

//a Friday night dining al fresco followed by a stop at the bookstore. We stopped for dinner at Noodle's & Co., a favorite for the boys, and sat outside at their bistro tables. We admired the cotton candy sky above us as the sun set during our dinner and then spent the rest of the night reading Halloween books in a quiet corner of Barnes & Noble before picking out some to bring home with us. I love the bookstore on Fall and Winter nights, especially with the holidays approaching, and I love watching Brandon curl up in a little corner with a book of his choice, lost in his own little world. My parents say he reminds them a lot of me when I was little.

//weekend breakfasts on the deck. We stay in our pajamas, bake up some cinnamon rolls, make a cup of coffee, and take our time.

//this view out the kitchen window at 8:30am

//freshly painted little boys' rooms, a new soft area rug for downstairs and a basement that's been a work in progress but is getting there. It's finally feeling cozy, comfortable and is now just awaiting a winter of hibernation and months of family game nights and football Sundays.

//last but not least. One of my all-time most favorite pictures of them.