"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

snapshots // an October weekend

//Friday night. October weather at its finest. The first very small hint of a growing leaf pile made its appearance on our green lawn, and Brandon could not wait to start raking. (I hope he still feels this way when he's 16)! I'm grateful for our big trees for many reasons, but they are indeed messy. However, I do appreciate the mess in October when it culminates in a yard full of leaves perfect for piles and jumping and throwing and pictures. I'm out of town for three days this week, and I'm anxious to get home and see how many more leaves have fallen in my absence. I might be almost as excited as Brandon. :)

Jaden and Daddy set off with Papa Tim for Jaden's first Friday night football game under the lights. He put on Daddy's old jersey and headed to Parkersburg for some Falcon football to watch cousin Isaac score three touchdowns and the win. Papa, Daddy and Aunt Lisa made sure he was well fed with pizza slices, hot dogs and Snickers bars and he came home well past bedtime with a new football poster, a full tummy, and excitement for his own game the next morning.

It was pretty neat watching his excitement for his night and seeing him try on that Falcon jersey. He didn't wear the jersey to the game, as the neck on that thing hung all the way down his back and the sleeves went past his wrists! But it brought back special memories of when Cody and I first started dating, during the years when Cody was coaching under Ed Thomas - and then that special Fall season when I was pregnant with Jaden and would show up to games with my growing belly. It's so hard to believe that was eight years ago. Look at him now. :)

While daddy and Jaden had their special night, Brandon and I had a special night of our own. We cozied up in a booth at Panera Bread, visited Target for another wedding gift for the weekend and ended our night at Cherry Berry - per Brandon's request. I love these one-on-one times and think it's important for both kids to have them with us.

We laughed a lot together. He's such a goof.

//Saturday. A big win for the Chargers, another touchdown for Jaden and a game watch party in the Dome with hundreds of our closest Panther fan friends. Jaden's teammates were there, and he spent the whole time playing football and catch on the UNI-Dome field, Brandon ran around with the inflated footballs provided and jumped in the bouncy house, and we laid out on blankets to watch a really good game on the big screen.

//Cody and I attended a wedding in Parkersburg Saturday night, and we then spent Sunday as a family. A lunch on Main St., an afternoon at Pumpkin Paradise and the most delicious Chardonnay pasta on the deck that evening.

Brandon was excited for the Haunted walk through the corn fields... until he got a little too spooked. ;)

The boys both fell asleep on the way home within about five minutes of leaving. Weekending is exhausting!

I'm excited to get home tonight to trees full of color and a weekend full of Homecoming and Fall plans. And to these two - of course.